Real Talk About Your Vagina

The Easiest Way To End BV For Good! In Only 27 Seconds A Day!

Ladies — Let’s talk about a very sensitive topic: Vaginal odor.

True Story…. vaginal odor nearly destroyed my life. Dealing with that fishy smell for years left me with no self-confidence. I was embarrassed to go out in public, let alone be intimate with someone… I learned over the years that an overgrowth of bad bacteria caused my strong vaginal odor, and there wasn’t anything wrong with me. My vagina’s pH was just “off.”

But when the bad bacteria take over, it causes bacterial vaginosis in a big bad way that makes life so much harder to deal with.

BV is extremely frustrating, painful, and embarrassing. And I’ve been fighting with this problem for YEARS.

Luckily, I stumbled onto something that FINALLY worked for me (and it only takes 27 seconds a day). And I had tried EVERYTHING!

But before I found this little miracle pill…

My self-confidence was in the toilet.

And every time I went to the bathroom, it was a constant reminder that something was wrong with me, down there. My recurring BV forced me to live with pain, odor, itch, and vaginal discharge that never seemed to go away…

…no matter what I did, no matter what products or vaginal deodorants I tried, the vaginal odor absolutely destroyed my confidence and self-worth.

The emotional turmoil I was going through was worse than the odor.

I felt like I had no one to talk to. I was too embarrassed to even talk about it with my best friend… and we talk about EVERYTHING! Well… almost everything.

Everything except the smell. And maybe she already knew about the BV because she smelled it. But she didn’t want to say something because she was afraid of hurting my feelings. It’s the kind of thing that your best friend doesn’t even know how to bring up.

The judgement and shame it brought were too painful to talk about.

So I decided to suffer in silence. I felt so alone. Little did I know a natural “miracle” was just around the corner.

Now about my failed antibiotics and home remedies…

I started out treating my BV the way everyone else does by going to the doctor.

A doctor was the ONLY person I could ever imagine talking to about it. And even talking to a doctor was hard.

My OB/GYN told me that it happens to lots of women, and these bad bacteria thrive in your vagina when your pH is off.

So they prescribed me antibiotics like Metronidazole and Clindamycin— and I would start feeling better and smelling better, for a little while. Then the next week, the odor was right there back in my face… in my sexual partner’s face… smellable every time I sat down on a toilet seat or got ready for a dip in the swimming pool…

And that’s not the worst part…

Every time I took antibiotics— I would end up with a yeast infection! So then I had to deal with that too!

It was a vicious cycle.

So I started researching natural remedies.

I was hopeful. And I wanted to use something natural.

First, I tried using raw garlic.

Yep. I put it up right up there inside of me. I swear I’ll NEVER do THAT again. My vagina was like a science experiment that went horribly wrong!

Then came the yogurt. I actually dug the turkey baster out of the back of my kitchen drawer… I can’t even believe I’m talking about this right now, but…

I was desperate, and I was willing to try ANYTHING! It was uncomfortable, cold, and I made such a mess!

The next route wasn’t AS bad. I tried pouring some herbal teas on my vagina before my shower. At least It wasn’t as messy and disastrous as the turkey baster incident.

OK, so those natural methods I tried didn’t work either.

I didn’t want to go this route either…

But I headed to the pharmacy anyway.

I tried douching before I read the ingredients. It didn’t work anyway. Then I read what was in it! Uggggh! I didn’t want to put something called “Sodium Benzoate” up there. I found out that the same chemical in the douche I had is used to stop corrosion in car engine coolants. No thanks!

Not only that, but the chemicals can cause MORE irritation, and I DO NOT need any more irritation.

So I tried wipes, every kind of cream, ointment, homeopathic pills, suppositories, and even hydrogen peroxide!

I could go on and on…

I was already at my wits’ end!

And I’ll bet you can guess what happened next.

I’d been dealing with this chronic odor, itching, and yeast infections, and NOTHING EVER WORKED!

But the odor and itching got so bad…

I HAD to go back to the doctor for antibiotics… AGAIN.

I thought an irritating yeast infection would be better than what I’d been going through with the pungent odor that made me never want to leave the house!

FINALLY… My doctor recommended something different…

After trying nearly everything I could get my hands on, my doctor recommended a new product called VeeCleanse. It’s made specifically for women with increased risk factors or recurring and chronic BV. It especially helps when it comes to odors caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea, and yeast infections.

Of course I was skeptical… Because nothing I tried EVER worked.

But, I figured… What have I got to lose?

So first, I did a lot more research into this thing called VeeCleanse. I saw somewhere online that it was like a vitamin for your vagina. But that was just the tip of the iceberg…

I saw thousands of women had left 5-star reviews all over the place! There were over 2,300 reviews on Amazon, plus more than 2,000 positive reviews on the VeeFresh site.

The bottom line is… VeeCleanse is legit! I read hundreds of these reviews, and you can check them out too.

Women said things like this about this little 27 second miracle pill…

“I can’t rate this product any higher than a 5 star review, but I’m so happy that I can’t even believe it. I’ve gone to the gynecologist and tried nearly everything under the sun for my infections, and they don’t ever go away. But that’s not the case anymore. I’m going to be a forever customer. I didn’t have any discharge or odor, and that’s just after one use! I can’t stress enough good about this product. Thanks, Veefresh” 


“I have to tell you that I am a BV person and I have always for years now struggled with it!!! Maybe 20 years off and on. Nothing has worked. Medication works but then only comes back after sex or a week without sex. I decided to use this product just thinking what else do I have to lose. I ordered VeeCleanse and use it once overnight, and I was shocked!! But again, things worked but came back. I continued to use it for a total of 5 days, and nothing, I mean nothing, no signs of BV have come back !!! I loooovvvveeee this product and will always always use it !!! I’m so amazed that it’s really working. I have no discharge, no smell, and I’m excited to try sex again very soon to see if I have a great smell and feeling. I will keep you posted !!!! Thank you for my Miracle !!!” –


“I literally spent over $600 on doctor visits, antibiotics, and yeast infection medications, but my yeast infections and BV came back. Each time they would come back stronger and stronger, and they eventually built a resistance to all medications! I tried VeeFresh, and I am so happy! This is hands down the quickest, most effective treatment ever. So so so worth the cost of pills and applicators! Don’t hesitate. I love this stuff so much! Thank you!!”



Even with all these reviews, I thought…

Yeah, sure. It looks good on paper, but will it actually work for me?

After all, I’d already tried everything under the sun and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars already trying to make my vagina happy, or at least “normal.”.

But VeeCleanse does have a money-back guarantee, so I knew even if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t have to waste more money.

So I gave VeeCleanse a shot. And girl, am I glad I did!

While I was waiting for my package to arrive, I did more research on VeeCleanse. And I discovered what made it so great.

And I read how fast it worked for other women just like me.

The women also had chronic BV and yeast infections, too, and VeeCleanse was the ONLY thing that worked for them.

This natural-based pill you easily insert gives your vagina a healthy pH.

And of the main things that cause BV is having the wrong pH.

When I saw the main ingredient in VeeCleanse called boric acid…

The word acid freaked me out! I didn’t want to put acid in my vagina! But boric acid isn’t a harsh acid. You can put it right inside your vagina. It might sound a little weird, I know.

Here’s the thing…

It’s actually a super gentle pH balancer that’s perfect for even the most sensitive vagina!

After I read more about it, it wasn’t so scary after all.

And it gave me hope that I could get rid of BV once and for all!

In fact, I started imagining it working before I even came to my mailbox. I read so many good things and talked to women online about how it could help me too.

Another thing is, it’s been used for more than 100 years by women to keep their vagina’s pH balanced.

You’ll also be glad to know this…

Multiple scientific studies state that it’s a safe and affordable alternative in treating BV.

And it has also been proven to be fast and effective!

But that’s not all…

There’s been study after study showing an astonishingly high rate of relieving symptoms of BV in many women.

And when that odor disappears… the feelings you have will be out of this world!

I was getting more excited about the possibilities of what it could do for my vagina and my social life.

Within two days, I received a discreet package…

And it was the VeeCleanse! Yeah!!

I scrambled to open the box and headed to the bathroom.

And you might not believe this…

I inserted the suppository before bed using the applicator and tried to go to sleep, but I was so excited it took me a long time.

You won’t believe what happened! And I’m not kidding around here…

I could feel its soothing properties working even before I fell asleep.

The second I woke up… I had IMMEDIATE relief!

I couldn’t believe it…

The itchiness was gone, and the odor had magically vanished!

It all comes down to this…

After trying so many different kinds of treatments, (so many I’d actually lost count),

I felt like a miracle happened overnight…

A miracle DID happen!

I had no odor. No itching. No burning.

I still couldn’t believe it, and I was so thankful.

You see, I didn’t want to get another yeast infection or have BV come back the next week. I wanted to heal my body and my vagina for good.

And you might not believe this either, but it’s true!

I haven’t been to a doctor in months and months!

I feel like my old self, but better, and you can too!

And when your vagina feels normal again, you can get your life back! Your confidence will soar, and you’ll even start to feel sexy too!

You can feel fresh, sexy, and clean every day of your life with one simple little vagina pill before bed.

I was the girl going for a gynecology visit almost every month for a pelvic exam, feeling like I had all these health problems in my genital tract that made sexual activity or a new sex partner out of the question because the odor was unavoidable. 

I’d get antibiotics for the BV then get a vaginal infection like a yeast infection.

Now I feel like a new, more confident woman!

And another great thing about VeeFresh is the founder is a woman who struggled with recurring BV too. So she knows what it’s like to deal with BV and yeast in infections and way too many doctor appointments.

Her mission is to make affordable and natural vagina health care available to every woman. And remember, she offers a 30-day money-back guarantee because she is so confident VeeCleanse will work for you!

In the past few years, I think about how much time and money I wasted. And I’m excited to find something affordable that makes BV disappear!

Why VeeCleanse is better than antibiotics

While antibiotics are only 70-80% effective at treating BV, for me, it was even less.

And antibiotics always caused me more problems.

Antibiotics also have a high occurrence of yeast infection (don’t we know it!) The VeeCleanse ingredient is scientifically proven to be 88% effective in treating BV.

VeeCleanse also balances your vagina’s pH, so the good vaginal bacteria can keep you smelling and feeling good.

Another great thing about VeeCleanse… It’s affordable!

And it’s not full of irritating chemicals and preservatives.

It also creates a pH-balanced environment, so the type of bacteria, specifically the good bacteria such as lactobacilli (yes, like probiotics), can do their part. VeeCleanse rebalances your vaginal pH whenever your vagina gets off balance from bacteria.

Doctors recommend it.

And I HIGHLY recommend it!

You can smell and feel amazing. All. The. Time.

No smell. No nothing! And I suffered from BV for some of the best years of my life. I’m thankful I finally found something that works.

Now you can live your life to the fullest every single day!


Unlike antibiotics or harsh vaginal creams, VeeCleanse is side-effect free!


I keep VeeCleanse in my medicine cabinet all the time.

It gives my vagina a little freshen-up when I need it. It’s a great pH booster after sex (yes! I’m finally having sex again!), after swimming, after wearing tight pants, after my period, or before a night out!

Girl, if you’ve EVER had vajayjay issues, like vaginal discharge, itching, BV, or recurring yeast infections…

VeeCleanse will “flush” out odor before you can say…

Life is better than ever! And I LOVE my life!

You can stop BV in its tracks before it screws up your life… again.

Things like sexual intercourse or urination or being a pregnant woman affect your vaginal health. If you’re at higher risk of suffering from chronic BV, or even a common vaginal infection or vaginitis or yeast infection or pelvic inflammatory disease or UTIs, or anything else that has to do with your lady parts, there’s a natural way to take care of your women’s health…

VeeFresh is here!

It’s safe. It’s natural. It’s effective. And it works!

Want to see how it works for you?