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Is Vaginal Flavoring Safe For Your Vagina?

Picture this: you’re ready to dive into some sexy time with your partner and want to spice things up… How sexy would it be if your Vee tasted like delicious, juicy strawberries instead of like, well… vagina? Sounds dreamy as ever, but the truth is no matter how sexy that sounds, it won’t be long before your Vee starts crying out for help.
Vaginal flavoring sounds like a genius idea… I mean, who wouldn’t want to taste so good that your partner wants to eat you for dessert every night? Unfortunately no matter how great it sounds, this is another popular trend that is ridiculously unhealthy and even dangerous for your vagina.

What Exactly Is Vaginal Flavoring?

There are tons of different products trending in the feminine world recently that all offer the same promise to make your vagina taste like certain flavors. This includes products like flavored vaginal moisturizing suppository melts, flavored lube, and flavored clit sensitizers.
These products all ultimately serve the same purpose: to provide temporary moisture to help with lubrication during sex or to help with clitoral stimulation. This in combination with the flavoring sounds like all fun and games, but I promise you it’s not worth the trouble it will cause your Vee in the long run.

Why Is Vaginal Flavoring Unsafe?

Using vaginal flavoring products are not a wise idea and are just downright unhealthy for your vagina. For starters, depending on the ingredients of the product, it can alter your vaginal pH balance and potentially cause severe irritation. This can lead to unwanted discomfort and even infection, especially if used frequently or for an extended period of time.
Certain ingredients are harmful to the vaginal tissue and microbiome, which can potentially cause long term chronic health effects or reproductive problems. Recent research has also shown that concerns about the long term detrimental affects on vaginal tissue from lubricants are growing. Scientists feel that many of these products need to be reformulated to be safer than what they are right now.
It’s easy to assume that if you’re using a flavored lube or clit sensitizer for oral sex that it won’t cause any harm. The truth is it can still cause harm even when applied only to the vulva, plus there’s still a high chance it will enter the vaginal canal which can cause additional harm. Since products that are primarily meant to be used on the vulva can be this harmful, imagine the effects that an actual flavored vaginal suppository can have on your Vee.

Additionally, it can be harmful or even toxic for your partner to ingest depending on the ingredients of the product. In some cases these products are not always regulated by the FDA like they’re supposed to be, so they might not be deemed “safe” by a trustworthy source. Certain vaginal flavoring products if swallowed, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially respiratory problems if some enters the airway. 

Final Thoughts

There are risks presented to both you and your partner when using any type of vaginal flavoring product, which is just not worth it in the end. As tempting as it may be to use these products, your vagina is meant to taste like a vagina and nothing else. If your partner isn’t okay with that, then it might be time to provide them with education about the natural female body.