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What’s The Real Deal With Cranberry Juice And UTIs?

If you’ve ever had a UTI you know how uncomfortable they can be. Between the burning, running to the bathroom to pee every 10 seconds, and even pain, it’s no wonder women want to clear up a UTI as quickly as possible. A common recommendation for women is to use cranberry juice to help with a UTI. But does cranberry juice actually change anything about your UTI or its symptoms?

There’s a lot of anecdotal information out there about cranberry juice, but what’s the real deal? Can it actually get rid of a UTI or is that just a myth? Let’s talk about what cranberry juice can do for your UTI, if anything at all. Does it work? How can you get rid of your UTI as quickly as possible? We have answers for you right here. Here’s the real deal with cranberry juice and UTIs.

Does Cranberry Juice Really Help A UTI?

The answer here isn’t entirely straight forward. In short though, probably not. At least not enough to really change anything overall. Studies on cranberry juice and UTI issues are out there, and there is some limited evidence that it might help. The issue is that the evidence suggests cranberry juice doesn’t make enough of a difference to be notable at all.

Even if you start drinking cranberry juice before you ever get a UTI, it’s not likely to be an earth shattering change. You might have a small change in your urinary tract health but doctors tend to agree that cranberry juice just isn’t worth recommending to patients as a viable option for any significant change.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of people misunderstand the studies about how cranberry juice affects a UTI. The studies focus more on cranberry juice being a prevenatative action. Once you have a UTI it’s just not going to make a difference. You won’t be able to treat your UTI from home with cranberry juice alone.

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Will Cranberry Juice Make My UTI Symptoms Worse?

It’s not going to make anything worse, as long as you’re using pure cranberry juice. You’ll have to read labels carefully to make sure you’re not buying the more popular version, cranberry juice cocktail. That version could make things worse because of the additional sugar involved.

Just remember that cranberry juice isn’t going to get rid of the infection. If you like cranberry juice and want to drink it, that’s great. You can definitely do that. But make sure you’re also seeing your doctor to get an antibiotic for your infection. It’s the only way your UTI is going to clear up entirely.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My UTI As Quickly As Possible?

There’s no miracle cure for a UTI. You’ll need to go to your doctor and get an antibiotic after confirming that you do have a UTI. To make sure that the UTI is fully cleared up and doesn’t come roaring back worse than ever, you’ll want to make sure to finish the entire course of antibiotics prescribed. Don’t stop taking them just because you’re feeling better.

If the symptoms are really getting to you, you can also try using something like AZO for UTIs. It can help relieve the burning, as well as the issues of feeling like you need to pee every five minutes. Sometimes just alleviating those issues can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are as you recover. But remember, AZO and other similar medications aren’t a treatment, they just ease your symptoms.

Final Thoughts

While cranberry juice isn’t going to cause any harm, it’s also not going to be a cure all for your UTI. You’ll need to see your doctor to get all fixed up. The good news is a UTI is relatively easy to treat and doesn’t usually involve more than a short course of antibiotics. You’ll be back to feeling like your old self in no time.