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What’s A Good Vaginal Hygiene Routine?

We talk a lot about what not to do when it comes to your vaginal hygiene. We’ve covered why douching isn’t a good idea and even things like what to do instead. One thing we haven’t specifically talked about is a good vaginal hygiene routine. A what to do instead of a what not to do.

It’s a common question that often gets overlooked. Sometimes people assume we all just know what’s best and don’t actively share helpful information. So let’s talk about what a good vaginal hygiene routine looks like. From daily to special circumstances, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a good way to deal with vaginal hygiene.

What Vaginal Hyiene Should I Do Daily?

Your vagina doesn’t need a lot of daily extra care. Some basic things will keep it fresh and clean even if it seems like you should be doing more. As we’ve talked about before, your vagina is great at cleaning itself. You should be washing your vaginal area with warm water and a gentle soap daily.

It’s just like taking care of any other part of your body in this regard. You don’t need to do a lot of extra steps to make sure it’s clean down there. Some soap and water will handle things really well. You can always use a gentle cleanser like VeeGentle if you want something to really bump up your routine.

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What Are Some Good Occasional Vaginal Hygiene Habits?

There are some things you might need to do during your period or other times of the month to freshen up and just feel comfortable. You may want to use things like vaginal wipes after tampon changes or right after a trip to the gym. Sweat and other fluids could make you feel like you just need a little extra care.

You should know you don’t have to do these things. Even during your period your normal routine of soap and water is still sufficient. This is just an extra step you can take to feel better and more confident if you want to. Don’t feel pressured or shamed into adding these things into your routine.

Another thing you can do is start using boric acid suppositories after your period or to treat bacterial vaginosis. It’s an option that could help you feel better, and balance out your vaginal pH after an infection. Again, this is something you should make your own choice about. It’s not required to stay healthy.

Do I Need Special Vaginal Hygiene Products?

In short, no. But there are some products that might help you feel better about yourself. If vaginal wipes, for instance, help you feel better after going to the gym, you should continue to use them. As long as the ingredients are gentle and the wipes aren’t heavily scented, there’s really no harm in using them.

You may also want a special pH balanced soap like we mentioned earlier. It’s entirely up to you. You don’t need these things to stay healthy but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Just keep in mind the myths that we’ve busted on VeeBabes before. Don’t put anything in your vagina that shouldn’t go there. (Think yoni pearls)

Final Thoughts

Your vaginal hygiene routine is something that can be kept pretty simple. Soap and water are really all you need. Any other products are just bonus items. Make sure you’re using them because you want to and not because advertising or someone else told you that you have to. Your vaginal hygiene is your choice and no one else’s.