7 Everyday Things That Impact Your Vaginal Health

There’s more than we realize when it comes to our vaginal health. As women, we think we know our own bodies better than everybody else, but even the littlest things we miss can make a huge difference. With proper knowledge and truthful facts, it’s essential as women that we know what impacts our vaginal health especially on a daily basis. Who doesn’t want their lady parts thriving and healthy?

Take a look at these seven common things that can influence your vaginal health and how you can alter your everyday routine.


Nutrition is key when it comes not only to our vaginal health, but our overall well-being. Just how diet affects the rest of our body, it can really show how well the vagina performs and functions. Food has a huge impact on the vagina’s pH levels and it’s essential that we keep enough healthy bacteria in our system to prevent BV, yeast infections and other vaginal infections.


Intercourse is another big factor in the way our vaginal health responds. Unprotected sex can intervene with the acidity of the vagina that can lead to harmful bacteria growth when not practicing safe hygiene. If using toys, lubricant, or other methods with intercouse, be sure to avoid any with fragrances or soaps to prevent irritation. Be sure to practice safe hygiene by washing hands, toys, and remembering to pee after sex.

There’s a lot the body responds to when undergoing stress, especially the vagina. Keep in mind that stress impacts the immune system and can create a hormonal imbalance that can later cause irregular periods and unwanted discharge. By practicing self-care, you can definitely feel the difference in your body’s response including your vagina.

We all have our favorite pair of spanx or tight underwear. Sometimes when worn often in warm, humid environments, it can increase yeasts to grow. If you ever experience this, take the time to switch to looser, cotton materials and let the vagina breathe while healing. 

Hygiene Practices

From hair removal and proper cleansing, there are various ways to go about practicing safe, effective hygiene down by our lady parts. Though it is recommended that we let our pubic hair grow, there are times we prefer to “mow the lawn” for certain occasions. Whether you shave, wax, laser or whatever weapon of choice you go with, remember that hair removal can impact the vagina with ingrown hairs, irritation, and sometimes inflammation when not done properly. The same goes with cleansing. Be sure to use a vagina-formulated wash if choosing to cleanse the outside of the vagina. 

Contraception options

From the pill, rings, patches, and other types of contraceptives on the market, they all impact the vagina. Caused by their hormonal formulations or ingredients, discharge and bacteria growth can easily be affected. When choosing a contraception, take the time to research if it can work specifically for you.

Menstrual Cycle

Oh, that time of the month. A lot can happen in a week (for some, less or more), and the vagina is easily affected while taking nature’s course. Oestrogen levels are typically low during this time, so it’s common for the vagina to feel irritated before, during, and after the cycle.

Keep in mind that every woman’s body is different, and we all live different lifestyles. But if you’re still struggling to learn more about how you can optimize the health of your lady parts, you’re definitely not alone.