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Vaginal Care in Summertime

Ah, the beauty of summer, longer days of sunshine, bikinis by the water, and travelling to fun destinations. But with summer can come not-so-sexy ways that can spoil the fun of it all. With hotter, humid temperatures, our vaginal health can be more at risk with infection or comfortability if not cared for the proper way. Here are some great vaginal care tips to get you through the hot summer months.

1. Switch to cotton, of all materials, cotton is king.

Consider investing in cotton underwear and pants this summer to keep your vaginal dry. Not only is cotton comfortable and breathable, but it reduces your risk of yeast infection. Keep in mind that yeast and bacteria thrive in hot and humid environments, and wearing cotton can help prevent that.

2. Prioritize vaginal hygiene.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to vaginal hygiene in hot, humid temperatures. Although you may be spending hours on end in summer activities, don’t put off changing your pad or tampons when you’re on your period. This is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and live, so you should change out your pad or tampon quite often in the summer months. Remember to ditch your douche if you’re looking to cleanse down there.

3. Ditch the wet bikini bottom.

Wet bikinis and sweaty gym clothes are red flags for bacteria to grow. Consider changing into dry clothes immediately after a dip in the pool or after a hot yoga session. Since we’re on the topic of bikinis and pools, plan to shave or wax your lady parts way in advance to hitting the water. Ingrown hairs and infection are prone to happen when immediately swimming after any type of hair removal and that’s not sexy.

4. Prepare for your travels.

If you plan to travel this summer, be sure to set yourself up with success with the proper essentials to bring along with you. Don’t forget to pack your period necessities and your VeeFresh supplements in your suitcase! In addition to travel, be sure to dress comfortable and loose for your long journey. Wearing tight, constrictive pants can cause an infection, plus they’re very uncomfortable on a flight.

5. Stay hydrated.

Keep a cute water bottle with you all summer long to keep hydrated. Water is essential to our overall health and the last thing you need is getting dehydrated during the best time of year.