Douching & The Honest Truth

Why Douching is Bad for Vaginal Health

We’ve all had our share of unwanted odors, awkward discharge, and uncomfortable sensations down in our lady parts. Sometimes we ride it out, but some of us look to quicker solutions like douching. Although douching has been around for decades, we all still wonder if this regimen is effective or more importantly, dangerous. Should we be douching for the benefit of our lady parts? Short answer is absolutely not.  In this article, we give you the breakdown for reasons why douching can actually worsen our vaginal health. 

What is Douching?

What exactly is douching? Derived from the French origin “soak” or “rinse,” douching is a common practice of vaginal rinsing or washing with a mix of water and other fluids like baking soda, vinegar, and sometimes fragrances. The mixture is forced up into the vagina from a nozzle or bottle-like package. According to studies, 20-40% of American women douche on a regular basis. This can definitely be a bad thing. 

The Typical Myths of Douching

There are a lot of misconceptions that have been around for quite some time that are often mistaken as beneficial.

  • Douching will get rid of odors, menstrual blood after periods, and discharge. This is a myth.
  • Douching can prevent pregnancy or a sexually-transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, this is an even worse myth that can cause complications if done consistently. 

The Truth of Douching

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that functions to carry out various materials (discard or monthly menstrual cycles) out of its system organically. The vagina is a delicate system with specific bacteria to do its job.

  • Douching interrupts the natural process and can easily increase bacterial growth and lead to vaginal infections. 
  • Douching can also force pre-vaginal infections into the reproductive system. When the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries are affected (especially over time), this can increase the risk of STDs, cause reproductive issues like infertility, and life-threatening conditions during pregnancy. 

What are Other Healthier, Effective Options?

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, and safe sex practicies, VeeFresh offers safe and natural ways of optimizing vaginal health. From our Veebook to our best-selling bundle, look no further than VeeFresh’s at-home vaginal solutions no matter what your concern or support you need. 

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