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How To Get Rid Of BV Without Antibiotics

When you start feeling that itch and burn “downstairs” it’s not always convenient to have to wait to see a doctor. The symptoms of BV are uncomfortable and wanting them to go away as quickly as possible is completely reasonable. No one enjoys feeling itchy and smelly, especially when it comes to your vaginal health. 

Aside from the time it can take to get an appointment to see your doctor for antibiotics, many people just prefer not to take antibiotics at all. The good news is there are a myriad of ways you can treat your bacterial vaginosis without having to resort to antibiotics if that’s your preference. 

From suppositories to preventive measures there are plenty of things you can try at home to treat your BV. Don’t let the itching and burning get you down. You have options and here are some great ones to help you get rid of your BV without antibiotics.

1. Boric Acid Suppositories Really Help

Boric Acid suppositories are one of the quickest ways to treat a BV infection, especially when you’re going the route of no antibiotics. They are available over the counter in stores and online. You’ll be able to get your hands on them easily and quickly meaning you won’t be itchy and uncomfortable for very long.  

Boric Acid suppositories have been tested and proven effective time and time again. You won’t have to worry about this particular treatment option being new or too experimental. Many women have had great success with the use of Boric Acid for their BV. 

One thing you will want to keep in mind when you’re using Boric Acid is that quality will matter. You may find a cheap off-brand available at a store but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work as well as brands that have put more time and effort into making their product as easy to use and as effective as possible. 

Companies like Veefresh that have put a lot of effort into their product have a great reputation for a reason, and when it comes to your vaginal health, this is not the area you may want to go with the cheapest possible option. 

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2. Check Your Sanitary And Hygiene Products

Treating your BV at home without antibiotics can come down to preventative measures too. One thing you’ll want to look into if you find that you’re getting recurrent infections is what types of sanitary and hygiene products you’re using. 

Scented products can put you at a greater risk for BV so if you’re using scented tampons, toilet paper, or heavily scented vaginal cleansers, those could all contribute to your BV infections coming back over and over.

Try switching the products you’re using to unscented and organic products where possible. You may find that your vaginal health really improves with these changes. Sometimes the best way to avoid taking antibiotics for BV is to prevent the infection from even starting in the first place whenever possible.

3. Try Out Garlic Supplements

Garlic itself has strong antibiotic properties and has been used as a treatment for quite a few medical ailments throughout the years. One of the things garlic supplements can help treat is BV. You just need to use some caution when you start researching and trying out this option. 

Medical studies suggesting garlic supplements help are referring to the type of supplements you take orally. Although some online bloggers or influencers may tell you to insert cloves of garlic into your vagina, this isn’t likely to help according to actual medical research. Inserting garlic into your vagina can even make the infection worse or cause other problems if you’re unable to remove it easily. 

If you’re going the route of using garlic remember to stick with the oral garlic tablets and avoid placing anything directly into your vagina. You don’t want to make yourself more miserable by doing something to prolong your infection. Garlic is a great option, just make sure you’re using it the right way.

4. Get Some Better Underwear

This is another step to take to prevent infections before they start. Having great underwear not only feels good but has great health benefits as well. Sometimes underwear that is cheaply made doesn’t breathe well and can become a breeding ground for all kinds of things, including BV. No one wants that, so it’s time to invest in some better undies. 

Look for underwear that is made out of cotton, or at least has a 100% cotton crotch. You can still enjoy wearing silky or lace panties, just make sure they’re well made and that the crotch itself isn’t made of anything other than cotton. The panties may look cute but if they’re going to cause you to have to deal with BV, they definitely aren’t worth it. Go for the ones that look cute and give your vagina a chance to breathe. 

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5. Be Proactive With Probiotics

Probiotics are helpful with quite a few things when it comes to feminine health. They can help with anything from treating bowel irregularity to, you guessed it, preventing bacterial vaginosis. They’re meant to help boost the good bacteria already in your body so you can fight things off sometimes before they even become an issue. 

You have a lot of options when it comes to what type of probiotic you want to use. Some of them are even fun and delicious to try out, like yogurt or chewable supplements. It’s entirely up to you and what you think will work best for your daily routine, but adding a probiotic is a great idea to help prevent BV. 

Remember that no matter what option you choose to treat BV it’s all about what makes you the most comfortable. If you have questions or are unsure about what is truly causing the itchy burning feeling you’re having, it never hurts to ask your doctor. You can talk with them about alternatives to antibiotics as well. 

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Once you figure out which treatment option works best for you, you’ll be back to your old self in no time. Getting BV is nothing to be ashamed of and is completely normal. Find what works best and get back to enjoying life. You’ve totally got this.