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How Do I Cure BV In One Day?

When you’re experiencing itching, discomfort, and inflammation in your vagina it can be a disconcerting feeling. You often start worrying about what could be wrong and your imagination runs rampant. Is it an STD? A simple yeast infection? Or could it be bacterial vaginosis (BV)? If it is BV, is it possible to treat BV in one day?

While the truth is it could be any of these things, BV is actually one of the most common causes of vaginal discomfort in women. It doesn’t mean you’re dirty, it just means your system is a little out of balance. The great news is you don’t have to keep suffering. Curing BV in just one day is entirely possible, and it’s not complicated at all. We should mention that BV is never necessarily “cured”, bacteria will never be completely eliminated from the vagina. The goal is about managing and minimizing the bacteria presence. The treatments we suggest are ways to manage BV and reduce the unwanted symptoms.

Want to know more about how to stop that uncomfortable burning and itching? Did you know boric acid supplements could be a key player in helping you get rid of that infection quickly? Here are some things to help you cure your BV in only one day. Relief is on the way, and it can happen in as little as just one day, so fret no more!

Want To Try Boric Acid To Treat Your BV Without Visiting A Doctor?

That’s not a problem and it makes complete sense. Many women put off seeing a doctor about vaginal itching because it leads to uncomfortable exams. Visiting a doctor can even be expensive, especially for those who don’t have insurance coverage. The good news there are homeopathic remedies that have been proven to work, like boric acid supplements

Boric Acid has been used to help treat BV for years. It’s safe and effective and even has medical studies backing up these claims. Boric Acid suppositories are a safe way to cure your BV at home. They are usually inexpensive and they begin working on day one, which means the world to anyone dealing with itching, burning, and just general vaginal discomfort.

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Will My Doctor Agree With Using Boric Acid To Treat My BV?

This answer may surprise you, but yes. Many doctors do agree that Boric Acid has huge benefits for their patients. Although some may suggest taking antibiotics in addition to your Boric Acid supplements, (especially if you’re dealing with recurrent infections) doctors all around the world have agreed that Boric Acid isn’t just a snake oil cure for bacterial vaginosis.

Some doctors even point to medical studies like this one to prove they are on the right track. Bacterial Vaginosis isn’t always easy to cure so having doctors who are willing to try remedies that have historical proof of working for women for years is great.

Should I Try Boric Acid For My BV?

You should always consult a doctor before trying anything, including Boric Acid suppositories just to make sure they won’t interfere with your current medications or health conditions. That being said Boric Acid suppositories are for almost everyone, if you think it’s going to help, there’s no reason to not try Boric Acid out.

Since most cures for vaginal discomfort can take days, while Boric Acid can give results in as little as one day, there’s nothing to lose with this one. It’s available just about anywhere online or in-store so you don’t have to worry about hunting it down. You’ll be able to find and use it all within the same day.

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How Do I Use Boric Acid?

Sometimes when you hear that most Boric Acid used to treat vaginal infections are inserted into the vagina it can be a deal-breaker. It feels a little intimidating at first, especially if the Boric Acid supplement doesn’t come with an applicator. The truth is most Boric Acid supplements are very easy to use and stand to provide you so much relief you’ll wonder why you were even nervous in the first place.

The first thing you’ll want to do is wash your hands. You don’t want to introduce new bacterial to an already uncomfortable vagina, so make sure you wash your hands well before touching the suppository. You’ll thank yourself later for being so careful about this step.

When it’s time to insert the suppository many women find it most comfortable to lie down’ in their beds and let their legs rest to the sides. This gives you a relaxed position that makes sure your vagina is also relaxed. Sometimes being nervous about putting the suppository in can make things worse, and relaxing your legs to the side can help this a lot.

When you feel ready, place your finger at the base of the suppository and slowly push it into your vagina. Aim towards the lower back to make sure you are placing it comfortably. Vaginas naturally have a slight tilt so if you don’t take this into consideration by slightly slanting the suppository during this step you’ll feel some discomfort. The suppository may also fall out if you don’t use this tip while placing the Boric Acid supplement.

When To Consult A Doctor About Treating BV

In addition to talking to your doctor before starting any new regimen including Boric Acid suppositories, there are some warning signs you shouldn’t ignore. Boric Acid is great for BV but sometimes BV symptoms can be mistaken for other health issues.

If you continue to feel discomfort like burning, itching, or even discharge after using your suppositories it’s probably time to see a doctor and make sure nothing else is going on. The important thing to remember as you head to see your doctor is that everything could be fine. Visiting your doctor does not equal a major health crisis with your vagina.

Visiting a doctor who can look more closely at your symptoms is just the next step in taking care of your body. While Boric Acid is great for treating BV, it’s not going to help other issues, none of which has to be a big scary diagnosis. You already took the first step to be proactive about protecting your vaginal health, so there’s no need to worry about taking the next logical step.

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So Are You Ready To Give Boric Acid Suppositories A Try?

If you have been trying everything to make your vaginal discomfort a thing of the past, it’s time to give this a shot. It’s easy to find, easy to use, and provides excellent results for many women. You don’t need to wait and worry that it won’t help anymore. Visit your favorite women’s care website and get yourself a bottle of Boric Acid today. Chances are you won’t regret it and won’t want to try anything else ever again.