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Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

As fun as sex is, sometimes thing can get a little repetitive in the bedroom. Once you learn what your partner likes it can be easy to rely on the tried and true. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, but sometimes it’s also good to look for ways to spice up your sex life.

We’ve got some great tips for you right here.

1. Spice up your sex life with gifts

Surprising your partner can go a long way. No matter how big or small a surprise, they will definitely appreciate your time and energy to make them notice. Consider surprising them with a new set of sexy lingerie in their favorite color! Or maybe something simple like a back massage. Find things your partner will enjoy and be creative!

2. Pick out a toy together

Consider taking a trip to the adult store together or browse online together and shop for some exciting treats to add to the bedroom. From toys and vibrators to bondages and lubricants, there is no right answer when it comes to bringing in a new accessory to the sheets. There is a treat for every couple or for yourself, so explore!

3. Watch porn together

If you both are into it, why not watch porn together? Not only do you get a feel of what your partner likes, but you can find new ways to satisfy them in different positions or foreplay. 

4. Remove a sense

When you remove one sense, the others get stronger! From blindfolding or using bondage on their wrists or ankles, you can definitely feel a difference in touch and pleasure when using this as a surprise. Remove a sense, a combination of sense, or bring in flavors or props to intensify their senses as well. 

5. Play a foreplay game

There are endless foreplay games to bring into the bedroom. From using sex cards or doing something simple as truth or dare, get creative! You can also use tip #2 going to the adult store to look for some games, props, or ideas to have fun together. 

6. Try a new space

Considering a new place to get it on can bring so much excitement and new memories! The bed will always be there, so why not try a new place? Talk about somewhere you both are comfortable doing and plan for it! Maybe a camping trip where you both spend the night under the stars? Or maybe even skinny dipping in a pool or river? 

7. Explore new fantasies

Let your imagination run wild by exploring new fantasies together. Everyone has their own definition of a fantasy, so talk about your wants and needs. From foreplay and trigger words to new accessories and apparel, making the effort to try new sex concepts can definitely go a long way in your relationship.