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Should You Visit Your Gyno Once A Year?

Visiting your gyno once a year used to be conventional basic vaginal care advice. But lately there has been some new research suggesting other visit time frames. This can leave a lot of women wondering if they should still be visiting their gyno once a year or not.

Which time frame is right for you? Should you still be going in for a check up once a year? We have some helpful info for you so you can make an informed decision. So should you be going to see your gyno once a year? Let’s talk about the new time frames, and what might be a good idea for you.

Should I Visit My Gyno Once A Year?

There is some confusion about what should be done yearly because of new recommendations for women’s health. In short, yes. You should still be visiting your gyno at least once a year. It just might not look like a visit you used to have. You may not have to have a full pap smear every time you go in for a yearly check up now.

Most recommendations suggest that all women in any age group get a pelvic exam every year. This is why you should still visit your gyno yearly. However, some age groups of women may only need the pelvic exam instead of needing a full pap every year now.

It can get confusing on what’s considered the best option for you. Do you need a pap this year or not? The best thing you can do is trust your doctor at this point. They’ll let you know what they think is appropriate for you. They will base this decision on things like age and sexual activity.

Your doctor will also consider things like risk factors for cervical cancer in your health history. If you don’t have a lot of high risk factors, you may not need a full exam every year. In fact you may be able to go up to three years without getting a full pap at your yearly visit.

What’s The Best Time Frame To Visit My Gyno?

You should still be going to see them at least once a year. Even if you don’t need a full exam, you’ll still need a pelvic exam at the very least. They can also help you figure out if you need to have any STD testing done. There are also other tests that may need to be run.

Your gyno is a good way to stay in touch with your own vaginal and breast health as well. They can help you learn how to do a self breast exam, and are the best way to catch any warning signs early on. Regular yearly visits are an important part of how to stay healthy.

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Final Thoughts

Visiting your gyno once a year is a big part of how to make sure nothing is going wrong down there. Even if you think everything is okay you should still be going in at least for a yearly check up. They can help answer questions you might have about vaginal health and even give advice about things like your sex life.

Don’t underestimate how important a gyno visit is to your overall health and lifestyle. Make sure you aren’t skipping these important appointments. You really do need them.