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Should You Sleep With Underwear On?

Whether you sleep in a big t-shirt, comfy PJ set or your birthday suit,  have you ever wondered if there’s one way to sleep that’s healthier for you than others? Specifically healthier for your Vee? The truth is, sleeping a certain way can actually make a difference in your vaginal health.

Sleeping With Underwear

So what’s the deal with the underwear vs. no underwear debate when you’re just going to sleep? Does it really matter what you wear? The truth is, sleeping with underwear on can impact your vaginal health.
Wearing underwear to bed can hold moisture in and allow bacteria or yeast to grow. This can lead to uncomfortable irritation, pH imbalance or unwanted infections. This is especially true when wearing underwear made of materials that aren’t very breathable or absorbent, like nylon or spandex.
There are several things that can cause extra moisture around your vagina when you’re sleeping, like discharge or sweat. Bacteria and yeast love to grow in warm, moist and dark places. So if you’re not wearing an absorbent, breathable material, chances are you’re setting yourself up for a potential problem.
And if you’re someone powerful enough to wear a thong to bed… First of all, all the power to you if you can handle that! Second of all, you should definitely stop regardless of the material it’s made of. Thongs can become a cause for concern for your Vee fairly quick in more ways than one.
Wearing underwear to bed isn’t a bad thing, you just need to make sure you’re wearing the right material. Choosing material that’s loose and allows for air flow is what will keep your vagina healthy. So basically the rule of thumb is wear cotton underwear and you’ll be just fine.
Why is cotton underwear the best choice? For starters, it’s comfortable, soft material so it’s less likely to cause irritation. It’s also breathable and absorbent, so it doesn’t hold moisture in. This is key for avoiding bacteria or yeast overgrowth that can lead to infections developing.
Remember if you do sleep with underwear on, change them out for a clean pair at least once a day. If you’re prone to producing high amounts of discharge and feel the need to wear a panty liner at night, it’s still best practice to change into a clean pair of underwear daily.

Sleeping Without Underwear

Going to bed commando actually does more for your vagina at night than just allowing you to let her loose and free. In fact, this is pretty much the healthiest way to sleep.
Sleeping without underwear allows air flow to your vagina, which helps prevent excess moisture from building up and sitting there all night. This helps you to steer clear of bacteria or yeast growth which can help prevent discomfort or infections.
If you’re someone who has recurring issues like BV or yeast infections, sleeping commando is definitely the way to go. You’ll also have an easier time maintaining your natural vaginal pH balance, which plays a large role in whether or not bacteria or yeast can grow and cause an infection.
There’s also the potential for spicing up your sex life if you sleep next to a partner at night. A survey of 1,015 people showed that couples who sleep naked had twice the amount of sex in a month than those who sleep with clothes on.
It may be a pleasant surprise to your partner when they get close to you and discover you’re not wearing any panties. Especially for the shy girls, this might just provide the perfect, subtle opportunity for you to initiate sexy time with your partner that you’ve been looking for.
Another benefit of sleeping without underwear is the cooler you are at night, the better quality your sleep will be. If even just one less piece of clothing means you’ll be even the slightest bit cooler, it sure seems worth it! Adequate sleep plays a huge factor in your overall health.
Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of sleeping without underwear and that’s perfectly okay! If you’re someone who experiences excessive discharge, it’s totally understandable if you’d prefer to wear underwear or a panty liner for extra protection. If that’s the case for you, stick to cotton underwear like we mentioned above and you’ll be just fine.

Final Thoughts

What you choose to wear to bed is ultimately up to you and what you’re comfortable with. N one’s going to judge you for what you wear to bed other than yourself (and maybe your vagina if you wear something that irritates her). Your vagina probably doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to breathe during the day when you’re fully clothed, so going commando at night  is the perfect opportunity to allow her to breathe freely for a little while and keep her healthy.
Again, there’s asboslutely nothing wrong with wearing underwear to bed if you’re not comfortable going commando. As long as you choose a breathable material like cotton, your vagina will still thank you. You’re still doing your best to make sure she stays healthy while doing what’s comfortable for you and that’s what matters most!