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Should You Be Steaming Your Vagina?

Steaming your vagina has become a hot topic on social media and even in news articles. But is it actually a good idea or just a fad you should avoid? Sometimes it’s tempting to look at celebrity endorsements of fads like this and think you should give it a try.

Steaming your vagina may seem like a good idea and an innocent thing to test out. It’s hard to see what the negative effects might be when you’re reading such great things about it online. From claims that the steam feels great, to hearing that the herbs used will detox your vagina, let’s talk about the truth. Is steaming your vagina a good idea? Here’s the real deal.

Should You Be Steaming Your Vagina?

In short, no. There’s no real evidence that steaming your vagina is beneficial. The stories you hear about reduced menstrual symptoms or a healthier vagina are all anecdotal. There’s just no real support for them being true in the long run.

Steaming your vagina isn’t going to do anything great for your health. It might feel good but that’s about where the possible benefits end. To keep your vagina clean you should only be using water and a gentle soap. You don’t need anything extra to stay clean down there.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Steaming Your Vagina?

When it comes to negative effects of steaming your vagina there are quite a few to consider. First of all you’re adding extra moisture to your vaginal area. This can increase your risk for things like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Your vagina just doesn’t need this extra heat or moisture at all.

Some women have also experienced burns on their labia due to the heat of the water used for vaginal steaming. Burns are already uncomfortable but having them on your labia makes them even worse. You don’t want to risk getting burned down there just to try out a fad that doesn’t even have actual benefits.

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What Are Alternatives To Steaming Your Vagina?

There aren’t any alternatives that have huge benefits. Your vagina doesn’t need to be detoxed. It cleans itself very well. The best thing you can do is let your vagina handle itself like it normally does. Remember that gentle soap (like VeeGentle) and warm water are your best option for keeping things clean down there.

If you feel like you’re still having issues with odor or discharge, talk to your doctor. You may have an infection that needs to be dealt with. If that’s the case you’ll need a real treatment and vaginal steaming could just make things worse.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding fads like this is your best bet to keeping your vagina healthy and happy. It might sound tempting to try out something like vaginal steaming but it’s always best to read more about fads before rushing to test them out. Your vagina and your overall health will appreciate your extra research.