Sex On Your Period

Feeling some type of way during your monthly menstrual cycle? Feel free to get it on! Just because Mother Nature is doing her business doesn’t mean you have to pass up sex. Period sex can be just as fun as sex when you aren’t on your period. It just might take a little more prep work.
In fact, having sex while on your period can bring many advantages  brings relief from cramps and headaches, promotes a shorter period, and can also increase your sex drive thanks to hormones fluctuations. Did we mention it also brings natural lubrication for more pleasure? But aside from all the benefits we get while having sex on our period, it can also get a bit messy. Check out our top tips if you choose to get down while on your flow.

Period Sex Tip One

First things first, take the time to remove your tampon before taking things any further. In addition, talk to your partner if using a condom is their preference. Remember, pregnancy and contracting STDs is still a possibility, so when in doubt, wrap it up.

All in all, it’s important that both parties know that period sex isn’t the most eye-appealing. But with that being said, every woman’s body is different when it comes to the flow of their cycle, so plan accordingly.

Sex Tip Number Two

With period sex, expect the sheets to get messy. If you and your partner decide to get down in bed, lay out a towel preferably a dark colored towel beforehand to absorb any fluids from staining. Another great tip to avoid any blood leaks or stains is to take the sex to the shower. Sex in the shower will wash away any residual blood and clean up afterwards is effortless. Plus, you both can sensually wash up together.

Our biggest takeaway is knowing that period sex is completely safe and natural. Don’t let Mother Nature take away the fun. As long as you and your partner are both comfortable with the idea and don’t mind the prep work, enjoy and have fun!