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Real Talk: Does It Matter What Your Vagina Looks Like?

Sometimes it’s easy to get a little stressed about your appearance. Pictures of models and even social media can tell you that you just don’t look good enough. That feeling can be even more frustrating when it comes to wondering if what your vagina looks like is normal.

It’s not a topic we talk about as freely as how our hair looks. The references we have are often from movies that have given us high expectations of how things “should look” down there. The problem is many women don’t look like what you see in those types of movies. So what is normal and does it even matter? Let’s talk about it.

What Does A Normal Vagina Look Like?

The truth is a normal vagina looks like whatever your vagina looks like right now. There really isn’t one look that is better or more normal than another. Some women have inner labia that are longer and some women don’t. The same goes for the color of your vagina. It’s all normal.

Industries that make money selling how a woman looks down there may have you thinking you should have labia that look a certain way. You may think your vagina is not normal, or worse that there’s something wrong, because of the pictures and videos you’ve seen.

When it comes to your vagina, take a deep breath and be confident. You are allowed to feel good about how you look in general, and how your vagina looks. There’s nothing wrong with not looking exactly like a picture or video you’ve seen. Real life just doesn’t work that way so don’t stress about it too much. You’re normal and beautiful the way you are.

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What If I Really Don’t Like My Vagina?

If you are truly unhappy with your vagina you should talk with your doctor. They can help you figure out if something is truly wrong or if it’s more a cosmetic preference. If there’s nothing medically wrong, they can reassure you that you’re normal and healthy, which may help.

However if you really are struggling to accept how you look, you can have a procedure done to change how your vagina looks. A labiaplasty is an option if you want to have your labia altered to look a different way. Just make sure you’re doing this for yourself before you have surgery done.

Just like any surgery there are risks associated with a labiaplasty so make sure you’re fully aware of those risks. If you still want to go forward with the surgery, find a surgeon you trust and talk with them about the process. If the surgery will help you feel more comfortable with yourself, then it may be worth the emotional and financial costs.

Does It Matter What Your Vagina Looks Like?

Unless something about the way your vagina or labia looks is interfering with normal life (things like sex or your period) then no, it shouldn’t matter. Everyone looks different and no two vaginas are ever the same. Don’t let anyone shame you for how you look.

Vaginas are capable of a lot of things. There’s no rule stating how yours should or shouldn’t look. Whenever you start to feel bad, take a deep breath and remember how beautiful you are. You and your vagina are amazing, no matter what.