Vaginal Health Products: Keeping Your Vagina Clean

Vaginas are an important part of our female anatomy that makes us who we are. But just like the rest of our body, keeping our vaginas clean is super important, and something we need to take seriously. For some reason, there are all these myths out there around all these complex hygiene routines for your vagina.

We are here to state this: keeping your vagina clean can and should be simple

Vaginas are actually quite an impressive body part. Did you know that they can basically clean themselves?! Yup, vaginas are able to self-regulate and balance out their natural pH levels all on their own. It is the outside factors that we add into the mix that causes a range of issues.

So because there are so many outside factors that play a role in possibly compromising our feminine hygiene, a range of vagina friendly products that gynecologists recommend have come into the market to also help keep your vagina pristine.

Standard Vagina Hygiene Tips For A Clean Vagina 

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Before we get into the vagina cleaning products that we want you to consider, we first need to address some standard do’s and don’ts. Here are our top tips to consider.

Clean Often, But Not Too Often

Golden rule–don’t wash your vagina excessively!  Seriously our vaginas are designed to self-clean. So too much cleaning can actually backfire and ruin the fine balance of pH.

Use Common Sense When It Comes to Sex 

The type of sexual activity you engage in can have a big impact on how clean your vagina is. Think about where your sexual partner’s bits have been before he penetrates your vagina. Make sure you both wash your hands before and after you have your fun.

Tight, Sexy Underwear Shouldn’t Be an Everyday Thing

While there are a lot of benefits to wearing underwear, we shouldn’t be wearing them all the time! So, for example, give your vagina some extra breathing room at night and don’t wear undies to bed. This will allow your vagina to regulate some self-cleaning with a more normal temperature.

Change Your Tampons More Often 

Seriously, do it! We know it is a pain and can be really annoying to have to keep changing out your tampon, but making sure you continually swap out for a new one is important. We all max out that 6-8 hour per tampon rule, but that doesn’t mean we should be doing it!

Wet Clothes Are a No-No 

Make it a post-workout race to get out of your sweaty leggings as soon as you finish up at the gym. Same thing if you get caught in the rain or if you’re wearing a damp bikini bottom. 

Seriously, you will thank us later! Wearing damp clothing, especially sweaty clothing, is basically a death trap for your vagina. It will increase the risk significantly of an infection occurring—which none of us want!

What to Consider in Vaginal Health Products For A Clean Vagina

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Right, so now onto the fun stuff—the types of vaginal health products you should consider! We recognize that all vaginas are unique from one another is some way, but here are some general tips.

No artificial fragrances! Better yet, no fragrances! 

Seriously, just because it smells good does not mean your vagina will like it! In fact, fragrant soap can be one of the worst things for your vagina. 

When it comes to getting vaginal health products, keep it natural. That means there are no scents or artificial fragrances—just the pure good stuff your vagina actually needs. Nature is the answer when it comes to keeping your vagina clean and that is what we aim to use in all our products.

Your vulva and vagina have different needs. 

It is also important to keep in mind that your vagina is only a small part of your female region. So while the vagina does have self-cleaning abilities, your vulva needs you to still give it a daily clean. 

But when we mean clean, we are talking about using simply warm water or Vee-specific cleansers that are designed to clean without messing up your pH balance. 

Simpler soaps are better in this case.

If you feel your vagina and vulva need some extra love with the hygiene routine, try and get soaps that have low levels of complex ingredients. Unscented soaps that are made to be fragrant free will have the lowest levels of irritants in them! All-natural? Even better!

Feminine wipes are (mostly) a good thing! 

Special wipes aren’t just for babies, they exist for grown women too! And we highly recommend considering them! How we wipe our vaginas is more than just the technique. What we use to wipe them can have a huge impact on our vagina’s cleanliness too. 

There are feminine wipes that are fragrance and dye-free designed to take it easy on your vagina. These are especially helpful to use during your period cycle when things tend to get a bit messy down there. 

Pubic hair oil–it exists, and we’re a fan. 

This sounds weird, but we totally love it! Pubic hair plays a super important role in keeping your vagina clean, and we should all show our pubic hair a little bit of extra love. This type of oil helps the general region not become irritated and gives it some natural moisturizing boosts from natural tea tree oil.

Don’t Forget!

And lastly, not to be forgotten is the secret addition to looking after your vaginal health: positivity, love and support. 

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These are essential components that help you look after yourself which we are all about! Self-care of course involves your personal hygiene but don’t forget there’s a mental component to that, too!

So in conclusion, there is a range of vaginal health products out on the market for you to consider! This is great news, as it means there is a very high chance you will be able to find the right products for you.

 When it comes to deciding on the products you want to use, make sure to do a final check in ensuring it is fragrance free. It has been recommended by actual doctors that the ingredients are natural, and it is designed with your vagina’s health in mind.

But the products themselves will not be enough to do the trick. You will also need to look at your overall lifestyle and take precautions where necessary. This means looking at what you wear, who you have “adult-fun” with, what you eat, and your habits during that time of the month.

We are here to let you know that you’ve got this girl!