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Is This Vaginal Smell Normal?

All of us have stressed out about how our vagina smells at some point. We’ve all wondered if a certain vaginal smell is normal or if it’s cause for concern. There’s just a lot of questions that come with being a woman and this is one of them. The good news is most smells are normal but let’s talk about what is cause for concern and what isn’t.

Having info like this at your fingertips can really make things easier. It can calm your worries and help eliminate some of that stress. So let’s talk about what’s normal and what isn’t when it comes to smells down there. Is that smell normal? Chances are it is, but let’s look a little more at those smells right now.

What Is A Normal Vaginal Smell?

The thing is there isn’t a particular way your vagina is supposed to smell. Every woman is a little different and there’s no right or wrong way for your vagina to smell. That’s hard to accept sometimes because there are things all over telling us a vagina shouldn’t smell a certain way.

The truth is, unless it’s an extremely foul odor, your vagina smells like it’s supposed to smell. This is where knowledge is power. Knowing your vagina smells normal means you can stop feeling inadequate just because a less informed person told you something online.

Repeat it with us. My vagina smells normal. It doesn’t have to smell fruity or “good” to be normal.

Is A Change In Vaginal Smell Normal?

A small change in how your vagina smells is normal. It can change during different parts of the month. If you’re close to your period it may smell differently than when it did two weeks ago. This is all normal. A stronger smell doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It’s just what happens to a woman during their normal monthly cycle. This isn’t cause for concern.

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Should I Be Worried If…?

You don’t usually have to worry about how your vagina smells. There are very few times it’s cause for concern. However, if you notice a yeasty bread-like smell along with itching or new discharge, you may have cause for slight concern. These are usually signs of a yeast infection and you may need to treat it with OTC or prescribed medication.

If you notice things like new discharge with a new odor, a foul odor, or you’re spending a lot of time wishing you could scratch an itch down there, it’s definitely time to be a little concerned. These can be signs of something like an STD and you won’t be able to handle that on your own.

When To Contact Your Doctor

If you notice any of the symptoms we just mentioned above it’s time to call your doctor. New foul odors, new discharge, itching etc. Those are all reasons you should be a little concerned. Your doctor can run some tests to see what’s going on and what needs to be done.

Don’t feel embarrassed about any of these things. Your doctor has already seen them all before and they want to help. Make sure you’re honest with them about any new sexual partners or anything that might’ve changed. They’ll need to know these things to make an accurate diagnosis.

Final Thoughts On How Things Smell Down There

Remember that any kind of smell you have is most likely very normal. As you can see there’s very few times when how your vagina smells is a cause for concern. If you do have questions it’s best to talk with your doctor or read up on the topic from people who know what they’re talking about.

The bottom line is, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. How you smell down there is normal and you’re fabulous just the way you are.