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Is Birth Control Linked To Low Libido?

Sometimes we all go through periods of having a low libido (low sex drive). It’s normal to feel your sex drive change throughout the month, for example. However, there are times when low libido might be a concern. If you’ve started to feel bothered by it, looking at issues like birth control causing low libido might be reasonable.

Birth control affects your body in a multitude of ways. We’ve talked about quite a few of them before. It’s reasonable to wonder if one of the things birth control does is decrease your sex drive. Libido plays a big role in your sex life so it’s okay to be curious. Let’s talk about birth control and libido. We’re here to help answer those questions.

Does Birth Control Cause Low Libido?

Most hormonal birth control options combine two hormones; progestin and estrogen. These are both hormones that are present in healthy female bodies. The pill (and other birth control options) just increase the amount in your body. It’s not a huge increase but when it comes to hormones, even a small increase is notable.

Both of these hormones can decrease the amount of testosterone in your body as well. Most of the time this doesn’t cause an issue. However, if you’re already low on testosterone, you may notice this drop decreases your libido. Testosterone is hugely responsible for your sex drive so that drop is often where the issue lies, if borth control is the culprit.

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What Can I Do About My Low Libido?

There are some options so don’t feel like this is a hopeless situation. First of all ask yourself if you’ve been feeling extra stress or anxiety lately. Those things can really make your sex life take a hit. You might also want to think about things like if you’ve been worried about how your body looks. Self image plays a part in your desire to let someone see you naked too.

You could also make some dietary changes. Foods high in zinc have been known to increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Think of foods like chicken or almonds as a good way to sneak some extra zinc into your diet. You can also consider switching to a non-hormonal birth control option if you really think birth control is the main issue.

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Should I Talk To My Doctor About My Concerns?

You should always feel comfortable enough with your doctor to bring up concerns like this. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them about this sort of problem, it’s time to find a new doctor. This is exactly the type of issue they can help you with.

Your doctor can help rule out other possible issues and make sure your birth control really is the problem. If it is, they can help you find a better option. These are all things you can discuss with them. They will help make sure you are comfortable with whatever new birth control option you choose.

Final Thoughts

Your birth control option needs to do more for you than just prevent pregnancy. You need to feel good about what you’re using and how it affects your body, too. If you’re feeling like it’s affecting your sex drive it’s time to speak up and talk to your doctor.

The sooner you talk to them the sooner you can begin to problem solve. Remember that this can happen with hormonal birth control and has nothing to do with you as a person. Once you get it all figured out you’ll be back to getting down and dirty (in a good way) in no time!