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International Women’s Day Means Extra Self Care

Women are truly amazing. Have you ever just sat back and thought about how truly awesome you are? Maybe not but you totally should. Women do amazing things every day and International Women’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate those things. We want to help you celebrate by remembering to do some extra self care in honor of International Women’s Day.

Your body works hard to make sure you can stay as awesome as you are. We deal with a lot as women. Periods, birth, breastfeeding, and everything in between means we deserve some extra TLC sometimes. So today, make sure you are taking a break from all the craziness of your life to do some extra self care. You deserve it.

Take A Bath (A Really Good Bath)

Let’s start off your extra self care with some time for you. You deserve to unwind and just relax. Go ahead and take a really good bath. Break out all the guilty pleasure items you want. Bubble bath, the bath pillow, an audio book to listen to. Just soak. Enjoy the chance to feel completely pampered in your own home.

This is the time (and the day) to remind yourself that you don’t always have to be doing something. You are allowed to take a break and recover. You’re allowed to care about yourself and enjoy some quiet time. In fact, don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you out if you need it.

Is your home noisy because of kiddos or pets? Ask a friend to help with them for an hour or so. Allow yourself to enjoy that instead of feeling guilty. You are deserving of self-care and of relaxation. Don’t think you have to constantly be on the go. You are doing great so give yourself some grace today.

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Be Selfish

This goes with the first point. Be a little selfish. Not just today, but in general. That doesn’t mean it has to be all about you all the time. You just need to make sure you’re not *always* at the bottom of your list. Your needs are not lesser than other people’s needs. You get to say no sometimes.

If someone asks for your help do a gut check. Are you really able to do what they’re asking? If not, be honest and let them know you just can’t do it. It’s okay to be a little selfish. It’s important that you give yourself some downtime. You will end up being a better friend, mom, caregiver and/or employee if you aren’t constantly stressed at all times.

Celebrate Other Women

You already know women are amazing. Take time to build other women up today (and always) by celebrating other women. Learn about some historical women who just amaze you, or find out more about your favorite women of today. Is there a female author you love? Take time to learn more about the author or send a tweet about how much you love her books.

Don’t be afraid to learn about women in other cultures too. You’ll have the chance to broaden your perspective on what it means to be a woman all over the world. The focus of today should be a truly emboldening experience for all women. Social media makes it easy for us to reach out to anyone in the world so use that to your advantage today and send support to women across the globe.

Celebrate Yourself

Have you taken some time to tell yourself how awesome you are? Did you know you’re allowed to do that? You can take some time today to truly appreciate all you do and everything you’ve accomplished. Your default might be to think you don’t do much or having accomplished anything but that’s simply untrue.

This is the time to really block out those negative voices. You get to be proud of yourself and today is the day to remember that. You’re a woman who is capable of amazing things so make sure you’re appreciating that about yourself. You deserve it.

International Women’s Day Is All About You!

The bottom line here is that International Women’s Day is all about you. You get to be proud of yourself, you get to treat yourself, and you get to build up other women. Use the day to remember just how amazing we all are. We’re capable of great things and this is the day to truly remember that.