How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection: Top 10 Tips

Ugh, aren’t yeast infections honestly the worst? Sometimes hunting for good tips to cure a yeast infection can be a pain too.

No woman enjoys having to deal with yeast infections! They are uncomfortable, painful, inconvenient, and a real buzz kill!

But the good news is, if you do get one, you don’t have to try and figure out a solution all on your own! We believe that feminine hygiene and health is best accomplished when women feel empowered to talk and learn about it.  

Our Vees are one of the most precious and sensitive parts of our female anatomy. And as a result, it is equally a very fragile body part that is prone to infections and imbalances in pH levels.

Many women do not realize this, and surprisingly, many women do not even truly understand what a yeast infection is or why they have developed one in the first place—let alone what they can do to get rid of it!  

So we are here to start that conversation—what you can do to get rid of your yeast infection!

First thing first though, let’s address what a yeast infection actually is!

What is a Yeast Infection? 

A yeast infection is a common infection in the vagina that occurs as a result of bacteria mixing in an unbalanced way with yeast cells–usually, there’s a balance of good bacteria to keep yeast cells in check, but when there’s an imbalance, yeast takes over! As a result, the vagina becomes swollen, irritated, and itchy for the majority of women.

Yeast infection causes range from a whole slew of things. It can occur as a result of the type of medication you take, a side-effect of pregnancy, an unhealthy lifestyle, or life’s simple stresses.

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While the causes of yeast infections are often hard to control and prevent outright, there is a range of things you can try yourself to get rid of a yeast infection! 

So in the spirit of learning and empowering our community with everything vagina related, here are our top 10 tips you can use to get rid of a yeast infection and go back to living your life itch-free!

Top 10 Tips to Get Rid of Your Yeast Infection

#1: Go see your doctor! 

Alright, so let’s cover this basic tip first. If it is your first time developing a yeast infection, or even your fourth, book an appointment with your doctor quickly so they can ensure that it really is a yeast infection and understand what caused it. And this also goes without saying, but if your yeast infection is producing symptoms that you simply can not bear, visit your doctor ASAP!

#2: Boric acid suppositories are heaven-sent! 

Boric acid is honestly a Vee-health powerhouse that you should use in your regular feminine hygiene routine, not just when you get a yeast infection! Not only can boric acid suppositories reduce and control yeast in the case of a yeast infection, it can also reduce and control the bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis, promote healthy pH balance, and reduce itch, odor, and abnormal discharge!

#3: Drink cranberry juice.

There is a great at-home test you can do to figure out if it really is a yeast infection—drink cranberry juice! You should feel pretty decent relief from this magic juice if it is. But if not, you could be dealing with another vaginal issue like an STI.

#4: You can’t cure it in a day. 

There are a lot of over the counter medications that claim they can get rid of your yeast infection in a day. While they are well-intending and may work on a small portion of people, we recommend going for a treatment that is at least a week long. That way the medicine can really do its trick and ensure the yeast is under control. After that, make sure you implement long-term feminine hygiene practices to keep things under control!

#5: Anti-itch creams are not enough. 

It may seem logical to get anti-itch creams if your yeast infection is making your Vee itchy, but trust us—it is not enough! Instead, we recommend talking to your doctor about an over the counter cream that you can get that is specifically designed to soothe all the symptoms your vagina is experiencing, paired with an actual treatment to get things back to normal. 

(Those boric acid suppositories we mentioned earlier can actually take care of both itching and targeting the yeast itself!)

#6: Take preventative measures. 

Yeast infections can be prevented if you help your pH levels remain balanced and your vaginal area healthy. One of the best ways to do that is by using the right products to support your feminine health. Our feminine health kits are a good place to start to help you be proactive in maintaining pH balance and overall Vee wellness! 

#7: Ice packs can offer immediate relief. 

If you are really needing to soothe a yeast infection fast, try placing an ice pack over your vagina. This may sound a bit silly, but ice packs can go a really long way in helping soothe the symptoms that are causing you pain and irritation. We recommend wrapping that ice pack in a towel and doing it for no more than 10 minutes at a time. That way it will prevent you from scratching your itch and making matters worse!

#8: Wear breathable clothing. 

Vaginas are quite amazing as they can self-clean without us really having to do much else. When our vagina gets a yeast infection, our body will naturally kick into action to try and ward it off! 

To help our body naturally fight this annoying yeast infection, we need to let our vagina have some breathing room. So ditch the cute a-little-too-tight-leggings, sleep commando, and wear cotton underwear during the day. Your Vee will thank you!

#9: Avoid anything with fragrances. 

While it may be an instinct to want to pamper our Vees during this stressful time, putting any type of fragrance product near it will make the yeast infection much worse and harder to get rid of! So make sure any wipes, soaps, or sanitary products are fragrance-free to prevent a prolonged infection. That is honestly the best pamper treatment you can give your Vee!

#10. Take care of yourself and your Vee will follow!

There is a range of home remedies that have been tried and tested by thousands of women in the fight against yeast infections. Some of the best home remedies that you can do include eating foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, or miso that are jam-packed with probiotics, chill at home without underwear once in a while, and incorporate yoga or meditation into your daily routine for your mental wellness. 

Let’s Wrap It Up! 

The good news is that while you may be dealing with a pesky yeast infection, there are at least ten different solutions you can try to get rid of yours in a quick and successful way!

We believe that our community of supportive women are all unique and that each vagina has special needs. So that is why we have given you such a range of tips to try to get rid of your yeast infection—because there is no perfect solution that will work for everyone.

Instead, you can try a range of strategies that include the types of clothes you wear, what you eat, the feminine hygiene products you use, your lifestyle, and communicating with your doctor.

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Yeast infections can take place for a variety of reasons, so just because we overcome it once does not mean we will also be immune to them forever. That is why it is so important to remain diligent around our vaginal care routine so that we can take action in preventing them from coming back!