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How Does Ovulation Affect Vaginal Odor?

A lot of changes can happen during the month as you go through a normal monthly cycle. Things that happen around ovulation can be a little confusing. Wondering if vaginal odor changes during ovulation is one of those things women often have questions about.

It’s a great question and it’s not always easy to find answers about this particular topic online. That’s what we’re here for though! We have the answers to questions you have but can’t get answered anywhere else. Here’s what you need to know about vaginal odor and ovulation.

Does Ovulation Change Vaginal Odor?

This is a bit of a tough question to answer. Your overall cycle can change how your vagina smells from one time of the month to another. So in theory, yes. Ovulation can definitely change your vaginal odor. But that doesn’t mean a sudden change in odor can tell you precisely when you are ovulating.

It’s likely that this change is very slight and may not be very noticeable at all. It’s not a reliable predictor of when you are ovulating. You shouldn’t rely on this change for conception or contraception purposes.

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Why Is My Vaginal Odor A Little Different During Ovulation?

The change in discharge and vaginal pH throughout the month can change your vaginal odor as well. This is the typical cause of an odor change during ovulation. You can also thank the change in hormones for how your odor changes as well.

There was even a study done that found men could detect the scent change of a woman during ovulation. They were able to smell t-shirts of ovulating women and pick them out as a scent change due to an increase in testosterone during that time of the month.

This means that your vaginal odor isn’t the only odor that changes. It’s part of your overall scent and it might be leftover from times when we needed scent to attract a partner to survive.

Is It Normal To Have Discharge And Odor Fluctuations?

It’s 100 percent normal to have fluctuations in both odor and discharge at different times of the month. You don’t need to stress about anything being wrong. It means your body is doing everything it’s supposed to be. The only time you should be concerned is if there’s a very strong or foul smelling odor. Then it’s time to talk to your doctor to make sure nothing is going on.

Final Thoughts

Vaginal odor is always going to be a little bit different at different times of the month. You don’t need to worry that something is wrong. Just don’t rely on it to predict anything. You should use more reliable methods to make sure you’re tracking your ovulation cycle. Odor isn’t reliable enough to be your final decision maker.