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The Golden pH Balance Routine

What Causes pH Imbalance?

Vaginal pH balance is a vital part of feminine health. Because it’s so delicate, you can do everything in your power to keep both you and your vee healthy, but somehow, some way, your pH can still be thrown off balance. Why is that exactly? The unfortunate reality is, it can be throw off a little too easily by just about anything. Let’s go over just a few of the many major causes of imbalance.
For starters, one of the biggest culprits of pH imbalance is menstruation. Menstrual blood has a higher pH level than the vagina, so during your period each month your pH levels are elevated. Some women’s bodies can handle the temporary change, while others cannot, which causes them to be more susceptible to infections.
Another culprit that often causes pH imbalance is unprotected penetrative sex. The average pH level of a vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5, meanwhile, the average pH level of semen is higher, between 7.2 and 8.0. During intercourse the pH level of the vagina naturally rises to create a more alkaline environment in order to protect sperm and encourage fertilization. With both of these factors working together, partaking in unprotected sex can be a large contributing factor of pH imbalance. 
There’s one last notable culprit that does a pretty good job of disguising itself… And that is antibiotics. Antibiotics are taken for infections in order to kill off bad bacteria in the body. However, not only do they kill off bad bacteria, but they also kill off good bacteria, which is needed to maintain proper balance in the body. When good bacteria is destroyed, this can largely contribute to pH imbalance.
Tip: Antibiotics often need to be supplemented with probiotics to encourage regrowth of good bacteria in order to maintain or restore balance.

How To Know When Your pH Balance Is Off

Do your spidey senses tingle when your pH is off balance? For most women, they can just tell when things don’t feel “right” down there. But if this is something you’re experiencing for the first time, it might not be so obvious or easy to detect.

There are quite a few tell-tale signs that indicate things with your vee might not be right. You may experience an unpleasant odor, abnormal or excessive discharge, itching, irritation, or even a burning sensation. Overall, if you experience any of the many possible symptoms, you’ll probably feel pretty uncomfortable. 

So what do you do when you notice something’s up with your vee? First and foremost, always consult with your doctor regarding any symptoms you may be experiencing, especially if it’s for the first time. Proper medical care is important to assure you are aware of exactly what you’re dealing with and the best suggested methods to treat it. 

If you’re someone who deals with recurring issues, like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, or you just can’t seem to get things back on track no matter what you do, there’s a golden pH balance routine that we’re going to share with you. This addresses issues with your vee from all angles to help you feel your best all the time and keep your pH balance in check. 

What Does The Golden pH Balance Routine Consist Of?

The golden pH balance routine consists of three components. A pH balancing vaginal wash, pH balancing vaginal wipes and boric acid suppositories. This care routine helps promote a stable pH level to keep your vee feeling happy and healthy all the time. 

This is the ideal solution to control and prevent. By that, we mean it can help prevent pH imbalance from happening in the first place, or if your pH is already off balance, it can help actively get it back on track to a balanced state. It’s the best of both worlds!

So you might be wondering, when am I supposed to use these and how often? This is a routine, so you’ll want to use them as often as you feel necessary. Here’s a few simple tips!

pH Balancing Wash

A good pH balancing wash is an important method of prevention to keep your vee clean and balanced. This should be used each time you shower or bathe. Simply lather it on to your vulva and rinse with water. Remember this is to be used only on the outer vagina, not inside of it. You can use this both when your vee is feeling good or if you are feeling any sort of discomfort.

pH Balancing Wipes

pH balancing vaginal wipes are another great method of prevention to help keep your vee feeling fresh and clean no matter where you are. They’re especially convenient for when you’re on-the-go and need something to quickly freshen up. Having a pack of wipes in your purse ensures you always have backup with you just in case you ever need it. 

Boric Acid Suppositories

Boric acid suppositories are a convenient, at-home remedy for controlling uncomfortable symptoms like vaginal odor or pH imbalance. They’re especially great for those who prefer more holistic methods of treatment. Boric acid is recommended to be used if you already have existing symptoms, or after events that are prone to throwing off your vaginal pH balance, such as sex, menstruation or exercise.

It can be used both as an active and preventive method of treatment as needed. 

These suppositories are inserted vaginally once daily, typically overnight to ensure they are most effective and can stay in for a longer period of time. When you first begin experiencing symptoms, it is typically recommended to use them for 7 days or until symptoms subside. Make sure to wear a panty liner as you may experience some discharge overnight. 

Of the three components of this routine, boric acid is without a doubt the most effective form of treatment.

Quality Ingredients

It’s important that with all feminine care products that you take special care in researching and reviewing the ingredients that they are made with. Not all feminine products are created equal, so not all products are safe or healthy for your vee no matter how promising they may sound.

We recommend products made with minimal, natural ingredients. Try to steer clear of fragrances, dyes, sulfates and parabens to keep your vee feeling fresh and clean in the healthiest way possible. 

The Holy Grail Of pH Balancing Products

It’s apparent that the number of feminine care products in today’s market is extremely overwhelming. How are you supposed to know which products are healthy for your vee and will actually work? We’ve got you covered with three VeeFresh recommendations that cover everything we mentioned above.

To start, we have VeeGentle. This is our pH balancing feminine wash infused with Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s hypoallergenic and formulated without all of the nasty chemicals in normal soaps, so it’s ideal for the ultra-sensitive female. It helps to wash away impurities without running the risk of unwanted irritation, discomfort of breakouts that normal soaps may cause. 

Next, we have VeeWipes. These are our alcohol-free feminine wipes infused with Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV contains anti-microbial and pH balancing properties that can help reduce inflammation and even unclog pores of the skin. Many feminine wipes on the market contain toxic chemicals and fragrances that irritate your vee and massively disrupt pH balance, so VeeWipes are a major game changer in on-the-go feminine care. 

Lastly, we have VeeCleanse. This is our boric acid vaginal suppository. For many women, this is the most important staple in their feminine hygiene routine, as it’s pH balancing effects are unmatched. Especially for women who have dealt with pH imbalance struggles for long periods of time and have found little to no relief with prescription medications, this has become an absolute game changer. It’s easy and effective without the risk of destroying good, necessary bacteria in the body. 

Together, these three products form the VeePower bundle, which functions exactly as it sounds. It allows you to feel confident and empowered in your vaginal health by knowing that what you’re putting on or in your body is safe, healthy and effective. This trio is the holy grail of pH balancing routines and used by many women everyday. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important for every female to have a go-to pH balancing routine that they know they can trustIn order to maintain optimal overall health and feel your absolute best, being conscious of your feminine health and investing in products that you know work well is key. Investing in yourself means investing in the happiness of both you and your vee. There’s nothing more important than that.