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What to Know Before Getting Your First Brazilian Wax

With warm months ahead of us, summertime is the perfect time to treat our lady to a Brazilian wax. As we prepare for bikini weather, some of us either choose to shave, sugar, laser, and most commonly wax down there to get rid of unattractive pubic hair.
Depending where we live, it can feel a lot more fresh and satisfying when our lady parts are free of hair. And don’t get us wrong, Brazilian waxes are totally awesome all year-round and not just for summer. If you’re thinking of getting your first-ever Brazilian wax, here’s what to expect! 

What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian is simply using hot or cold wax to remove all pubic hairs in the vaginal and anal area. This includes your pubic bone the top, sides, and front bikini area, external genitals, the upper thighs, and the hard-to-reach anus area. This procedure is done by a licensed esthetician and can be done in various ways depending on the spa and style.

What’s the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax?

Now that you know what Brazilian wax is, a standard bikini wax is only the removal of hair outside the lines of a bikini or underwear. If you happen to have less hair or just looking for a cleanup, consider a bikini wax instead. If there’s a specific bikini or underwear you’d like to use as a guide, consider bringing it to your appointment as a guide for your esthetician.

Does it hurt?

Any removal done anywhere on the body by wax will cause a sensation, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different. If this is your first time getting a Brazilian wax done, there’s no other way to find out than actually getting it done.

Rest assured, you’ll be fine! If pain is your concern, most salons offer numbing cream as an option to your service if needed. Of course, the more you get waxed, the more you get used to the service and sensation.

How long will my Brazilian last?

Depending on your hair growth because everyone is different, a Brazilian wax can last up to 3-6 wax. To maintain or upkeep your Brazilian, you can always softly shave off small hairs you can see growing outside your lines.

How should I prepare before going to my appointment?

When in doubt, call your salon to see how they would like you to come in. Another big tip is to take a shower before your appointment and you can even exfoliate the area the night before. If you’re nervous, which is completely nervous, relax and take a deep breath, it’ll all be worth it! Afterwards, you can enjoy down there to be beautiful, smooth!