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Does Pregnancy Affect Your Vaginal pH?

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your entire body. Understandably those changes can result in a lot of questions about how they affect your vagina. If you’re wondering how pregnancy changes your vaginal pH you aren’t alone. It’s a question a lot of women have as they go through their pregnancy.

The good news is there are simple answers to questions like this, and a lot of great info out there. We want to make sure you don’t feel alone so we’re covering this topic just to make sure you get some answers to your questions about pregnancy and vaginal pH. So does pregnancy change your vaginal pH? Let’s talk about it.

Does Pregnancy Change Your Vaginal pH?

The short answer is, yes. It definitely changes your vaginal pH. The hormones involved in pregnancy just aren’t going to let your vagina remain the way it was pre-pregnancy. There’s too much going on for that to happen. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Your body is prepared for this change.

Remember that most things happening during pregnancy are exactly what’s supposed to happen. That includes changes to vaginal pH. Your vagina will become slightly more acidic, but that doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

It also doesn’t mean you need to stress about your vaginal pH any more than you already might. It’s just a change that happens during pregnancy. Your body is ready for it so trust your body as you go through this process.

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Are These Changes In Vaginal pH Permanent?

No they’re not permanent. Your body will naturally adjust after you have your baby. It might take a bit longer than you expect but eventually your hormone levels will be the same as before your pregnancy. Once you reach those pre-pregnancy levels your vaginal pH will return to normal as well. You probably won’t even notice the change.

What Can I Do To Deal With These Changes?

You’re not going to be able to prevent the changes from happening. It’s just part of pregnancy and you don’t want to disrupt that process. It’s healthy for your hormone levels to increase and cause these changes. The best thing you can do right now is just relax. This is an exciting time in life even if the changes feel a little scary at time.

Remember that everything you do right now can affect the health of your baby as well. If you decide you want to try products to restore vaginal pH you should talk with your doctor first. You’ll want to make sure anything you take orally or vaginally is safe for the baby as well as yourself.

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Should I Be Worried About My Vaginal pH During Pregnancy?

There’s no reason to worry too much. As you know by now this is just a normal change that happens. But sometimes your risk of vaginal infection can increase during pregnancy. If you’re noticing a lot of symptoms like itching, a fishy smell, or discharge, talk with your OB/Gyn.

They’ll be able to help you figure out if it’s time to treat an infection. They can also help you feel more relaxed about any worries you have. Make sure you’re asking those questions instead of just hoping the symptoms will go away. Letting an infection get worse is never a great idea, but it’s an even worse idea during pregnancy.

Your OB will be ready for the questions so don’t worry about that. Just make sure you’re asking what you need to ask. They want to help.

Final Thoughts

The changes you’re going through during pregnancy can be a little unsettling at times. It’s okay to ask questions or even feel frustrated. Make sure you’re talking about what worries you. If you have questions, your OB is ready to answer them. They can give you guidance.

Remember that these changes are all part of the process. Try to give yourself some grace while you’re navigating these waters. In the end it will be worth it. You’ve totally got this!