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Does Cold Weather Affect Your Vaginal Health?

The changing weather often brings about questions of how these changes will impact our overall health. It’s normal to wonder if the weather at any given time of year will also affect your vaginal health. Especially considering that during the summer, things like hotter temps can make sweating down there more uncomfortable than usual. The extra sweat can even cause you to change up your vaginal care routine for the summer.

But what about the cooler weather that comes around this time of year. Does winter affect our vaginal health too? It’s a good question and there can be conflicting information out there. So let’s talk about what can (and can’t) affect your vaginal health when it comes to the cooler weather of the winter months. Does cold weather affect your vaginal health? Here’s the real deal.

Does The Cold Weather Affect Your Vaginal Health?

There are definitely rumors out there that could be concerning if you’re researching winter weather and your vaginal health. Hearing about a condition called “winter vagina” can be pretty upsetting if you don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. It even sounds pretty official depending on where you read about it and who the article quotes.

But is winter vagina a real thing? In short, no. The idea that winter weather is going to cause an internal part of your body to start struggling isn’t really grounded in reality. Winter weather can affect your overall health sometimes, but it’s not going to just suddenly cause your vagina to start drying up. And the idea that it would cause enough vaginal dryness to affect your sex life is especially untrue.

While there are things that could affect your vaginal health this time of year, the actual weather isn’t the issue. Just being cold outside isn’t enough to hurt your vagina. You don’t need to stress about the weather change causing you problems this time. You and your vagina are safe in terms of a seasonal change causing problems right now.

What Could The Winter Months Change About Vaginal Care?

While the weather itself isn’t an issue, there are things that happen in the winter months that could change how you care for your vagina at least a little bit. For example, you may be more likely to take cozy bubble baths right now than you are during the warm summer months.

While bubble baths are fun, they aren’t always a friend to your vagina. If you notice that you’re itchy and uncomfortable downstairs, you may want to consider skipping bubble baths entirely. Sometimes the soaps and fragrances aren’t doing you any favors.

They can cause things like BV to be a bigger deal during the winter months if you aren’t careful. So, if you’re extra sensitive to things like soaps, avoid bubble baths altogether, even if they would feel good in this weather. If you do want to take a warm bath, skip the bubbles and just enjoy the warm water instead.

Another thing to consider right now is that cold and flu season is definitely upon us. So while the weather might not be causing your vaginal dryness, some medications will. If you’ve been taking anything with ingredients like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) you might notice some increased dryness.

Those types of medications can dry out mucous membranes like your nasal passages. Your vagina is no exception. If you notice that you’ve been dealing with a lot of vaginal dryness in the winter, it’s possible this type of medication is the culprit. Make sure to talk to your doctor if this issue is persistent. You shouldn’t have to deal with it for more than a day or two so anything beyond that is worth bringing up.

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Should You Change Your Vaginal Care Routine For The Winter Months?

As long as you’re still using warm water and gentle soap you should be fine. The winter months don’t call for any special changes to your vaginal care routine. You don’t need to buy new products, change what you wear, or worry about any made-up conditions. Your vaginal care needs aren’t going to change right now.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to stress about things like seasonal changes affecting your health. But, don’t stress about winter hurting your vagina or your sex life. As long as you take care of your vagina the same way you always do, you’ll survive the winter months just fine. Warmer weather will be back before you know it.