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Do Yoni Pearls Actually Work?

Sometimes before you put something in your vagina you want some reassurance that it actually works. In practice this is a great idea. You shouldn’t be putting anything in your vagina that wasn’t made to go there. But what about Yoni Pearls? Do Yoni Pearls work? This is an area that takes a little extra effort to dive into.

While you might know not to put food in your vagina, OTC products or supplements can be a grey area. What do doctors say? Does it actually do anything? It’s understandable that you want something that isn’t going to waste your money or hurt your vagina. So let’s take a look at Yoni Pearls today. Do they actually work? Here’s the real deal.

What Are Yoni Pearls?

Yoni Pearls are usually advertised as a vaginal detox product. You insert a mesh covered ball of herbs into your vagina for up to 24 hours (or longer sometimes) to cleanse it. Sellers of Yoni Pearls claim that it will detox your body from build up due to use of things like menstrual products or after an infection like BV.

You won’t find them in stores but you will find them on sites like eBay, or etsy. Some sellers also have their own websites. Because of this you’ll want to look at all claims made by sellers with a critical eye. What does the seller have to gain from telling you Yoni Pearls actually work? Do you trust who you’re buying from?

If you aren’t sure who to trust or what to buy, it’s best to do some research outside of the seller’s info page or website. You don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to Yoni Pearls but you shouldn’t blindly trust someone who is trying to make a sale either.

Do Yoni Pearls Work?

Not really. They may feel like they are doing something but the truth is your vagina is fully capable of cleaning itself. Yoni Pearls aren’t going to do much for you. It’s tempting to use them because the herbs involved may feel good. They may soothe irritated skin on your vulva after an infection or do other similar things. That doesn’t mean they’re actually doing anything.

If you’re wondering about your vagina’s health, it’s best to talk to your doctor. They can help you make sure you’re using products that are safe and will do what they claim. Yoni Pearls aren’t regulated by the FDA and may not have the ingredients sellers claim they do. It’s really best to stick with things that are recommended by your gyno to make sure you’re safe.

What Do Doctors Say About Them?

Most OB/GYN doctors agree that they really don’t make much sense. The vagina is, again, self cleaning. There also aren’t any toxins in the vagina to speak of. Your liver detoxifies your body because it’s an organ and that’s its function. The vagina is a muscle and has an entirely different function.

The general agreement is that any pictures showing things the pearls have pulled out of a vagina have never been confirmed. It’s likely mostly a placebo effect and the mesh can actually scratch the walls of your vagina leaving you vulnerable to infection. Doctors seem to agree that it’s best to skip Yoni Pearls altogether.

Should I Use Yoni Pearls?

By all accounts there really aren’t any benefits to using Yoni Pearls. They may even harm your vagina if you use them. We wouldn’t want to recommend using something that could cause harm. If you have questions about any kind of vaginal detox product, ask your doctor first. They really do want the best for you and they can give you the best guidance.

Final Thoughts

It may seem tempting to use these pearls. It’s easy to think your vagina needs a little extra help cleaning itself, but it doesn’t. If you’re suffering from recurrent infections or have other concerns please talk to your gyno. They have the best advice for this particular thing. Don’t put anything questionable into your vagina without seeking a professional’s advice first.