6 Ways To Cope with PMS

PMS or premenstrual syndrome can get the best of us even before nature’s monthly gift officially arrives. From mood swings to menstrual cramping, luckily there are ways to cope with this hormonal change in our bodies. PMS can range from person to person and can be more or less intense than others. Check out these six quick and easy ways to get through PMS.

1. Track

One of the best ways to get to know your body better is tracking and journaling. Starting a period journal can go beyond just tracking your PMS. Feel free to track your period dates, diet, feelings, and more. By tracking your PMS, you can see first-hand patterns that you can prepare for. Write down your symptoms, rate your pain levels, and the remedies that work as well ones that don’t work. And what can make tracking easier without a pen and paper? There are tons of period apps that can help you with the process.

2. Hydrate with water

Other than being important for your overall health, water is key especially before and during your menstrual cycle. Keeping hydrated with water decreases inflammation in the body including any aches and fatigueness. Always keep a bottle of water at hand!

3. Well-balanced diet

You are what you eat for a reason, but it doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from your favorite sweets and treats! Fill your diet with leafy greens and vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Try to eliminate or reduce any caffeine and alcohol during this time. Feel free to track your diet into your period journal to see what foods help and which don’t.

4. Exercise

If you’re feeling up to it, get moving. Exercise doesn’t always mean lifting heavy weights and fancy gym equipment. Even just taking a 20 minute walk or dedicating a yoga session a couple times a week can help make a huge difference. Exercise can help with getting the blood flowing and enhancing your mood.  


5. Practice “breathing”

We won’t be alive if we didn’t know how to breathe. But how many of us can actually control our breathing with mediation? PMS causes physical and mental stress and it’s important we choose healthy ways to cope with it such as deep breathing. Deep breathing allows us to control the physical pain and mood swings and helps set our minds in a happy, healthy place.

6. Set your atmosphere

Adjusting your living environment to help you relax can make a huge difference. Custom your space according to your needs and interests. If fluffy blankets, a heating pad, and your favorite candle is what you need, then give your body to thrive off of that!