Are Bath Bombs Safe For Your Vagina?

Self-care is absolutely essential to everyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Especially when we are stressed or anxious. There are many ways we choose to show love to ourselves including taking a delightful bath with our most favorite bath bombs.  Although they might look fun and cute to drop and watch fizz away under running water, bath bombs might actually be doing more harm to our bodies than you think.

Remember, our vaginal pH level thrives between a 4 and 4.5 scale to avoid infection. There are various ways to throw off our pH level including the use of bath bombs. Some common symptoms women report when using bath bombs is itchiness, irritation, and burning sensations. This may vary from different body types from woman to woman.

How Do Bath Bombs Hurt Things Down There?

Imagine, you’re unwinding from a long day, you run a bath with your favorite bath bomb. You indulge with your favorite wine and music while being submerged.

Most bath bombs are manufactured by chemical fragrances and other toxins that create bath bombs fizzing effects. This allows your mucous membrane of your vulva to be affected.

There are many studies that show a correlation between yeast infections and bath bombs, but our vaginal systems are all unique and can vary from woman to woman in this case. Depending on the type or brand of bath bomb you choose, bath bombs can affect us more than some than others.

Take the time to find your tolerance to certain products. If there are certain brands or bath bombs you love, test them out and pay attention to how your vagina feels during and after soaking. It’s better to be safe and than sorry in the long term.

So what are other alternatives for a healthy bath experience? Consider investing in all-natural, vagina-friendly products or formulas that are delicate on the vagina and skin. VeeFresh offers VeeGentle, a popular and all-natural vaginal wash that caters to vaginal discomfort including odors, itch, and even discharge. If your vagina is sensitive to any type of product including bath bombs, VeeFresh has you covered!