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Are The Newest Birth Control Options Safe?

When it comes to the newest birth control options there can be a lot hype all around you. Friends may be telling you to try it. Commercials on TV are making it sound like the perfect option. But that doesn’t always bring comfort to many women. Is it safe to try the newest birth control options? It’s a good question to ask.

More than once the newest medicines on the market have later proven to have long term effects that weren’t known about at first. Although this is a rare occurance, it’s okay to feel a little apprehensive about trying a new pill or other new method. You may not want to be first in line in these cases. Let’s talk more about those options and if they’re safe.

1. Have The Newest Birth Control Options Been Tested?

The good news here is that all new medications, including birth control, go through rigorous testing. There are phases of any drug trial and they are meant to weed out dangerous drugs. Birth control is no exception to these clinical trials and testing.

If you’re worried that something seems to have just shown up on the market without warning, rest assured that years of research went into the medication first. The same is true of non-hormonal birth control options. If it’s available by prescription, it has been tested many times.

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2. Are The Newest Birth Control Options Safe?

While any medication carries risks, new birth control options are relatively safe. They have gone through the research and development mentioned before. They have a limited chance of long term effects and your doctor can help answer questions about that.

New medications are developed all the time with safe outcomes that far outweigh the risks of possible negative outcomes. Remember that even older methods like the pill carry risks like blood clots which are extremely rare, but still there. No medication is 100 percent without risk.

New medications can seem scary but the rigorous testing ensures that they are going to be as safe as possible once they hit the market.

3. Should I Be Trying These New Options?

It depends on how happy you are with your current birth control option. If you’re in the market for something new, trying the newest options might be a good idea. Birth control is a very personal choice and no one can tell you what’s right or wrong for you.

If you see a new option you think might work better for you, it’s time to talk to your doctor. You’ll need a prescription for it anyhow, and your doctor can also answer any questions you have about the safety and efficacy of it. In short- Talk to your doctor and let them help you decide what options will be good for you.

Final Thoughts

The type of birth control you use is a personal decision. Don’t let concerns about a new to the market option stop you from trying something you think would be beneficial to you. Remember, this is a personal decision. Ask your doctor and then give it a try. You might be surprised at how well it works and may never want to go back.