Orgasms Tips

7 Orgasm Tips for Maximizing Your Sexual Satisfaction

Let’s be honest: sex without an orgasm is disappointing. But it can be equally frustrating to put in the work and get a less-than-satisfactory orgasm in return. Here’s some great news: there’s more than one way to get an orgasm! That’s right—there are actually several sweet spots your body can use. If you’re struggling to find pleasure in your current routine (or just want to mix it up), you’ll want to try these orgasm tips ASAP.


  1.  Get the Clit

Focusing on your clitoris is Orgasm 101. But not every woman enjoys clitoral stimulation in the same way. That makes a big difference in the result. If it feels good to have your clit touched, but you’re not getting orgasms, try different types of stimulating strokes. Give things like going up and down, back and forth, and circles a try. Or get a vibrator. Sex toys often really help in situations like this.

  1.  Nipple Play

Did you know that you can get an orgasm just from erotic nipple touching? While this tactic doesn’t work for everyone, some lucky women earn more than just arousal from nipple play. As this is obviously a sexual zone, it makes sense that it’s connected to your orgasms, so why not give it a try?

  1.  Target the G-Spot

Hitting the G-Spot just right can be a goldmine for many women. But you can’t hit it if you don’t know where it is! You’ll find it on the front wall of your vagina, about halfway to your cervix. If you curl your finger, you’ll feel a spot that’s either ridged or possibly spongy, depending on your body.

That’s where you want to send your attention. Play around with fingers, your partner’s penis, or sex toys to find a touch that feels good there. The result can be tremendously deep orgasms that leave you breathless.

But note: G-Spot orgasms can also lead to female ejaculation (aka squirting). Not all women will have this reaction, but if you do—it’s totally normal! Just relax and let yourself enjoy those powerful waves of pleasure while they last.

  1.  Give anal a shot (maybe)

Chances are, you’re either intrigued or repulsed by this idea. If it’s something you’re willing to consider, anal sex often reaps double rewards. The anus shares the same pelvic floor muscles with your vagina. Because they’re so close together, stimulating your anus and rectum often stimulates your vagina at the same time.

The end result can be orgasms in both your anus and vagina! However, you should know the risks of anal sex before you go diving in.

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  1. Stimulate your deep vaginal zones

While the G-spot is commonly referenced for sexual pleasure, two more zones are often bypassed because they’re less convenient to access. These are your A-spot is located above the G-spot, but just below the cervix. The O-spot is located on the back wall of your vagina, near the cervix.

These spots are located deep within your vagina, but that’s actually good for your end result. If you can find the right mode of stimulation to get these zones, they can cause a great orgasm! Ooooh, yes.

  1.  Hit the workout mat

It turns out there’s yet another reason to keep working on that elusive 6-pack—the coregasm. Your abdominal muscles are closely connected with the ones in your pelvic floor. When you work out your abs and core, your body squeezes both sets of muscles to develop them, which can have multiple benefits.

First, a strong pelvic core is a key way to get intense orgasms. Second, squeezing your pelvic muscles for an extended time can trigger deep contractions in your pelvic floor, leading to a workout-induced orgasm. It won’t be the strongest climax ever, but it sounds pretty good as an exercise incentive.

  1. Mix and Match your zones

A final way to get those profoundly intense o’s is to combine zone stimulations for a blended orgasm. Stimulating different zones allows your vagina to orgasm in different places at once! Combining G-spot and clitoral stimulation is one of the easiest, but you can also try different sex positions too. Just play around until you find that earth-shattering o-zone combo and let the real fun begin.

All women are different—so don’t be afraid to try something new or be embarrassed at what brings you pleasure. It’s okay (and smart) to switch things up every now and then to maximize your sexual enjoyment. The average woman’s orgasm can last up to 2 minutes, so don’t settle for something sub-par. Give yourself the freedom to experiment and find the perfect combination that makes you happiest!