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7 Best Vibrators You Can Buy In 2021

Sometimes finding a good vibrator can be a bit challenging. There’s a whole world of options out there and you don’t always know what’s better than the rest. Are you wondering what the best vibrators are right now? Did you know there are thousands of options out there?

When it comes to giving yourself some love, a good vibrator is essential. You can definitely have fun other ways but a vibrator is a standard sex toy for a reason. Finding a good vibrator makes it even better. So we searched high and low to bring you the best vibrators on the market. Here are the seven best vibrators you can buy right now.

1. Lelo Smart Wand

This is a classic but that doesn’t mean you should pass it by. The Smart Wand is the perfect shape to give your clit some love. It has strong vibrations but it’s quiet as can be. You won’t have to worry about anyone hearing this baby. If you share an apartment or have kids, quiet is a huge benefit of any vibe.

It’s a chic looking vibrator but don’t let that fool you. With the powerful design and rechargeable batter, it’s ready to rock your world. The vibrator is made of a silky soft silicone with a nice curved handle. You’ll be comfortable while you use it and you will enjoy yourself the entire time.

2. Smile Markers The Tennis Coach

The name might make you giggle a little but you won’t be laughing for long. This vibe is meant for your g-spot and it’s perfect for that job. It’s curved at the end that goes inside of you to hit that spot just right. The shape makes it comfortable to hold and great for orgasms.

If you aren’t sure where your g-spot is yet, this is the perfect way to explore. Figure out what feels amazing and go from there. You can find all sort of things you enjoy while testing out this vibrator. Just give it a chance to rock your world. We don’t think you’ll regret it.

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3. Double-Sided Wand Vibrator By Goop

A vibrator that can pull double duty is a vibrator you definitely need. This vibe from Goop has a ball on one end and a thin cone shape on the other. The ball is meant for external stimulation. It vibrates harder and will feel great on your clit. That’s where it’s meant to go, after all.

The thin end is meant for internal stimulation. You can use it to stimulate your g-spot. You can also just use it internally in general, while you stimulate other areas with your hands.

This is a good option for use with a partner as well. Let them stimulate other areas while the vibe is inside you. See what feels good. It’s supposed to be fun and pleasurable so just relax and enjoy.

4. Shibari Mini Halo

Sometimes you need something small enough to hide away easily. That doesn’t mean you have to give up power for something more compact. The Shibari Mini Halo is a good example of just that. It’s small, rechargeable, and extremely powerful

You can pack this a way for a trip or just keep it in your nightstand. Either way it’s not going to take up much room. It still has 20 different vibration modes, speeds, and patterns to choose from. All of this in such a small package might seem too good to be true but it’s definitely not! Give this a try, you’re going to love it.

5. Soraya 2 By Lelo

So Lelo may be the best brand out there for good vibes and the Soraya 2 is proof of that. This vibrator is an upgrade to a basic “rabbit” vibe. It will work in the same manner, just… better. You insert the larger part and let the smaller piece stimulate your clit. Then just enjoy.

The Soraya 2 has great reviews from users all over the internet. The biggest thing that other reviewers want you to know is that this thing is powerful. While some vibes may not have a lot of power in the smaller “rabbit” piece, the Soraya 2 definitely does. Enjoy this vibrator’s power whenever you’re in the mood and you’re bound to be pleased.

6. Bullet Vagina Stimulator

Bullet vibes are always a great option for fun in a small package. They’re perfect for stimulating your clit or your nipples. You may want to stick to external areas with something this small but don’t think that means less fun. This bullet vibe has 10 settings to keep you excited as long as you want.

If you’ve never tested out a bullet vibe before you’ll want to consider this one as a first choice. It’s powerful and easy to use. There’s something to be said for pleasure that’s easy to come by and basically guaranteed. Don’t discount this bad boy just because of its size. It’s ready to give you a good time.

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7. Adorime Cock Ring Vibrator

While you can use this one alone it gets better when you use it with a partner. It’s meant to be worn at the base of the penis to give you both a good time. It will hold blood in your partner’s penis for a harder erection. The vibrations will stimulate your clit while he’s inside you. It’s a great way to stimulate your clit and your g-spot at the same time.

There are 9 different settings that include low, medium, and high vibrations. It’s all up to you and what you like. Give the different vibrating patterns a try to really rock your world. You might not know that you’ll like a pattern until you feel it. Just give this small but powerful vibrating cock ring a chance to really show you what it can do.

A Few Final Words On Vibrators

Trying out new vibrators is a fun part of solo love or enjoying time with your partner. You can try as many as you want and you’re not likely to get sick of the process. Just remember that you can always stick with what you know works too. Buy everything on the list or just one vibe. Either way you’re set up to have some enjoyable time in the near future!