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7 Best Tampons To Use In 2021

Let’s face it. Having your period is just not a fun time. But that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable the whole time you have it. That’s where we come in. We can help you figure out the best tampons to use so you can relax in a little more comfort during your period. Sometimes having the right products is all you need.

So, what are the best tampons to use right now? Well we’ve done a lot of reading and research to give you that answer. We’ve also narrowed the list down to only 7 tampons so you don’t have to figure out what to try from a huge list of contenders. Remember, we want to keep it simple. With that in mind, here are the best 7 tampons to use right now in 2021.

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1. Lola Organic Tampons

assorted lola tampons

Have you ever wanted to customize your whole box of tampons? Lola lets you do that. You can dictate how many of each absorbency level you want. You can also subscribe to Lola so you get the perfect mix of tampons every month. Being able to decide how many light, regular, super, or super plus tampons you get per box gives you a lot of freedom.

You don’t have to let a store dictate what you need anymore. Plus Lola tampons are organic and free of a lot of those icky chemicals that are in more processed options. Lola tampons come in a compact collapsible applicator so you can discretely use them no matter where you are. Flexibility and discretion all in one box? Yes please!

2. The Honest Company Organic Tampons

Another great organic option comes from The Honest Company. They make a tampon that is hypoallergenic and organic. If you have issues with the chemicals used in other tampons these are the option for you. Many women left reviews stating they didn’t even know they could use tampons until they tried these.

The absorbency was also rated really well by women who tried this brand. That’s always good to know. No one wants to sacrifice the function of a tampon for the organic type if they don’t have to. With The Honest Company you won’t have to make that choice at all. It’s a great chance to have the best of both worlds.

3. Solimo Tampons

solimo brand tampons

Having a period product that is super affordable is awesome. With that in mind, Solimo has you covered. Solimo is Amazon’s own brand and their tampons really stand up to the competition. They have boxes that come in just one absorbency as well as variety boxes. You can choose what works best for you.

Amazon offers their “Subscribe And Save” program for household essentials like tampons. So, if you like these tampons you’ll be able to get them delivered every month without having to actually go to the site to reorder. It’s just another way to make your period less of a hassle. Once you are enrolled, you’ll never run out of tampons at an inconvenient time again.

4. Rael

rael tampons in boxes stacked up

Rael tampons are a cut above the rest for several reasons. First of all they manage to have an applicator that is both comfortable and biodegradable.

Anyone who has ever tried to use a more eco-friendly applicator knows you usually get stuck with cardboard. Most women find that style of applicator extremely uncomfortable for really good reason. They just aren’t as easy to use as plastic.

Rael’s applicator glides like plastic but is made from plant based material. That means you don’t have to feel guilt if you want something comfortable and environmentally friendly. Rael also offers heating patches and even sets of other period products that you might need all in one convenient pack. The tampons rank well in comfort and absorbency so you know this is a good choice all around.

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5. Playtex Sport

playtex sport tampons box

Playtex is a tried and true brand in the tampon world. They’ve earned their reputation by having a solid product for a very very long time. Their Playtex Sport line is no exception to the reputation they’ve earned. It has a very comfortable applicator and it’s made for movers and shakers.

Are you worried about leaking while working out? That’s why Playtex Sport exists. It has a 360 degree coverage window made possible by how it absorbs fluids. Some tampons only open in one direction. Playtex Sport is different. If you need great absorbency and something that will let you move, look no further.

6. Tampax Radiant

Another brand that has been around for a long time is Tampax. Anyone who has a period knows about Tampax products. If you’re not super familiar with tampons or this is your first time trying them, this is the perfect option. The applicator features an easy to use design with an awesome grip. This makes insertion easy and beginner friendly.

Tampax Radiant also has a design feature that is unique. The wrappers are resealable which means disposing of the applicator is discrete and easy. Most of the reviews mentioned this product feature as a huge plus to this option of tampons. It comes in a wide variety of absorbency so you know Tampax Radiant will have you covered no matter what.

7. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is another organic cotton brand of tampon. That doesn’t mean they’re just like all the others, though. You can rest assured this brand stands out. In testing it ranked high in both comfort and absorbency. Many women loved how reliable they were as well.

Comfort is always important in a period product so Seventh Generation didn’t sacrifice anything to make an environmentally friendly tampon. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of absorbencies and they even made sure their applicators were comfy and easy to use. Great job!

So, Which One Should I Use?

That is up to you. We think anything on this list would make a great choice. Just make sure whatever you end up choosing is what’s most comfortable for you.

If you have a habit of being surprised by your period, maybe choosing a subscription option would be best for you. Once you find what works, keep using that product. Reliability and familiarity will definitely make that time of the month better than it’s ever been.