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7 Best Sex Toys You Can Buy Right Now

Are you looking to have a little solo fun? Want to spice things up with the best sex toys in the bedroom? Either way it’s all about finding the right toy for you. Sometimes hunting down those toys can get a little exhausting. If you aren’t sure what makes one sex toy different from another they can all start to look the same.

So what are the best toys out there right now? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at our list of the seven best sex toys you can buy today. You can buy them right now, from the privacy of your own home. You’re going to love this list. 


1. The Lovelife Rev Vibrating Sex Toy

Have you ever wanted a sex toy with accessibility in mind? It’s not something that’s easy to find when it comes to shopping for vibes and other similar toys. That’s what makes the Lovelive Rev so special. It was designed for everyone, but has special emphasis on helping women who have dexterity issues.

The toy is small and still packs quite a punch. For a “finger vibe” it really is easy to use. It’s got an ergonomic design so it won’t hurt to hold. It’s even made with larger lettering so finding the right mode for you is easy and quick. If you want something that’s going to make your solo (or joint) sex life a little easier, this is the right toy for you.

2. Pure Love Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Finding your g-spot isn’t easy for everyone. Figuring out how to stimulate it while having some fun with your clit can be next to impossible sometimes. The good news is there are some great options for toys that help you stimulate that sensitive area while still exploring other parts of your body. 

The Pure Love G-Spot Vibrator is a great option. It’s bent at just the right angle to bring you some amazing O’s. It has a soft silky feel which means you won’t have to struggle with getting it to the right area. It’s also rechargeable and easy to clean. 

For some extra fun this toy even has a Swarovski crystal on the button to turn it on. It won’t change how well the vibe works (which is extremely well) but it does make it feel a little more special. 


3. Pure Love Strapless Vibrating Strap On

This is a great one for you and your partner to try out especially if you’re feeling adventurous. Sometimes the idea of a strap on can be exciting but feel a little complicated. This version eliminates a lot of what overwhelms anyone trying a strap on for the first time. Since it’s strapless it’s just easier to use overall.

The vibrating part makes it more pleasurable for both you and your partner while you try out this new toy. The bullet vibrator is powerful but small and inserts right into the toy. You won’t need to worry about anything more complicated than that in terms of set up for this one.


4. The Liberator Wedge And Ramp Combo

When it comes to sex toys, don’t forget about positioning cushions and pillows. The Liberator has a well earned reputation of being the best option on the market. They’re well made and work for a variety of positions. Sometimes we all just need a little bit of a different angle to make sex more pleasurable. 

If you’re going for a solo session don’t write off these wedges. They can help you change your pelvic angle and make that O even better. You don’t need to have a partner to benefit from having a positioning cushion. They’re meant to make sex better and you can’t get any better than going with a Liberator. 

5. Kinky Truth Or Dare: Pick A Stick

Sometimes when we’re feeling a little bored we just need some prompting. This game does exactly that. It’s a kinky version of truth or dare, and you can play it with your partner to get things going. Be ready to try anything or tell the truth about some of your past experiences. It should be a fun night. 

6.  The Sqweel 2

Are you looking for a toy that simulates oral sex? That’s what the Sqweel 2 excels at. A wheel shaped toy with multiple “tongues” that massage and lick at your clit until you cum. It’s a great sex toy every woman should have in their bedside drawer. 

It’s rechargeable and completely unique in how it feels and works. You can use it on your clit or your nipples. Experiment with it and see what feels best for you. This toy has been around for years and it stands the test of time. Women everywhere love this great option for good reason. 

7. Clone A Willy Plus Balls Kit

clone a willy sex toy

So the name might make you giggle but this sex toy can actually be pretty great. Dildos are often made to look the same as every other dildo out there. If you want something specific to your partner, this is the right toy for you. Your partner can literally “clone” his willy for you. It makes the dildo specific to only him which means you’ll love it like you love his member already.

The kit comes in a variety of colors and sizes so you’ll be able to personalize it as much as possible. There’s also an option that doesn’t include his balls if that’s more what you’re looking for. Either way this kit has you covered for times when you’re having solo fun but still want to feel like he’s right there with you.

Final Thoughts On Sex Toys

The world of sex toys is vast and these are just a few options. Hopefully you’ve found at least a few that have piqued your interest. The toys listed here are ones that have great reviews from women just like you. Give them a try and enjoy the results. You’re bound to love them.