7 Best Panty Liners Of 2021

Let’s face it, our vaginas put out a lot of different odors and fluids depending on the time of the month. Because of that sometimes we need some extra protection. Enter, panty liners. They’re made to give us some light protection for normal vaginal discharge or to be a good back-up to a menstrual cup or tampon. So what are the best panty liners? You’ve got questions and we have answers.

We’ve scoured the web and read lots of reviews. We’ve hunted down brands you may not have heard of before. Your choices aren’t limited to one or two brands you can find in the store anymore. Want to know what the best options are? Keep reading because we found them. Here are the seven best panty liners you can buy in 2021.

1. GladRags Reusable Panty Liners

Let’s start off with something you may not have considered. If you use a panty liner every day, you may be spending more than you want to. That’s why GladRags reusable panty liners are a great option. They’re soft, breathable, and completely washable. You won’t have to buy boxes upon boxes to enjoy these babies.

GladRags also makes reusable pads so they really know what they’re doing. Their panty liners come in a variety of lengths and even panty options. There are some options meant for your thongs so you don’t have to give up wearing those to have extra protection.

Meant for light days or normal daily wear you’re covered at all times. They even have convenient autoship options so you’re always protected!

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2. PINQ Every Day Box

Are you looking for a panty liner that is extremely thin and feels just like cotton? PINQ has your back. These panty liners are super thin (some say the thinnest on the market) but still highly absorbent. They’re geared more towards every day use which is where the box gets its name from.

The PINQ Every Day Box even comes with vagina-friendly wipes to help you feel clean and fresh down there. Sometimes it’s nice to just freshen things up with a little wipe, especially if you have had a busy day. The panty liners come in a reusable box that is super cute too. Give these a try, you won’t regret it!

3. Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners

The name might make you giggle but these panty liners aren’t playing around. They’re great for back up during your period but, as the name implies, they’re good for other things too. If you need something that’s going to soothe your skin downstairs, this is a great option.

Pee Safe panty liners are infused with aloe vera which is known to have skin soothing properties. It’s usually not too harsh so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your lady bits. Just keep in mind that this ingredient is there. If you know you have problems with aloe, you might want to skip this option.

4. Bella Herbs Verbena Panty Liners

Did you know verbena is an herb known to soothe women during their time of the month? Bella Herbs is putting this theory to the test by including verbena in their panty liners. Because of this, we think these would be a good panty liner to use during your period. Test them out on your light days, or use them as a menstrual cup back up.

Some things that reviewers have noted as being particularly excellent for this brand include an excellent natural scent, and ease of use. They don’t come with an individual wrapper but that doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for anyone who has actually tried them out.

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5. U Barely There By Kotex

As the name says, these liners are super thin and barely noticeable. If you use panty liners on the regular you might get sick of feeling like you’re wearing a diaper. Some brands just don’t get that women don’t want to actually feel their liner all the time. Kotex understands.

These liners are also readily available so you can grab them easily at the store. While it’s great to have brands you’ve never heard of before, sometimes you just want something you can readily buy. That’s why we’ve included this option on our list. Easy to find, and a great thin panty liner you won’t hate wearing. It’s a win in all categories.

6. Always Discreet

Sometimes you might need panty liners for more than just back-up or every day discharge. Urinary incontinence is pretty common among all women. It’s especially common after you’ve had a baby. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it and there are panty liners that are perfect for you.

Always Discreet is meant for bladder leaks and they’re nice and thin. They’re also from a brand you know and trust already. Always Discreet comes in three levels of protection and they also have different lengths available to make sure you’re covered as much as you want to be. Bladder leakage is normal so let’s make using protection and talking about it normal too.

7. Carefree Breathe

You know how the brand Carefree has been around for years? It’s likely the brand your mom (or even grandma) told you about when you first needed a panty liner. They’re a tried and true brand. But their Breathe line isn’t the same as the panty liners of years past.

The Carefree Breathe panty liners get a mention on this list because of two things. They’re from a brand we all know and trust, and they’re an improvement on previous products.

They don’t have dyes, scents, or any extra additives.  Carefree Breathe is also made with an air infused cover that keeps your bits dry. They let your vagina *breathe* in other words. So if you want the same brand you’re familiar with, just a little better, this is the panty liner for you.

A Few Final Words On Panty Liners

As with any product you use for your period or every day discharge you should be comfortable using a panty liner. If yours is making you itch or just driving you nuts, it isn’t the right one for you.

Give the products you read about here a try. Some of them are probably ones you haven’t heard about before. That’s great! Just test them out. You’re likely to find the best one for you right here on this list!