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7 Best Pads You Can Buy Right Now

Finding a good pad can help make your period more bearable. Nothing can make your period extremely comfortable, but having one of the best pads on the market is a good start.

You might still have to deal with cramps but you may not have to deal with leaks anymore. Some of the best pads you can buy right now will take care of leaks for you. One less thing to stress about during your period is always a good thing.

So which pads are topping the market in 2021? We did some digging and found you some great options. From absorbency to comfort, we’re considering it all with this list. Want a pad that doesn’t leave you in the lurch? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best seven pads you can buy right now.

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1. U By Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pads

These thin pads are meant for a heavy flow. They’re thin but mighty on the level of protection. The pads are longer than others on the market which offers extra coverage. They also have a stay put level of adhesive. Sometimes pads are lacking on that. They may have adhesive but is it really don’t much? No one wants a pad that slips and slides around.

Kotex included a “3D Capture Core” to make sure fluids aren’t going all over. The pads are also hypoallergenic so if you have sensitive skin you don’t have to worry. You won’t be breaking out or getting itchy because of the ingredients in these babies.

2. Rael Menstrual Pads

Want an organic brand that is also absorbent and highly popular? Look no further than Rael. Rael pads come in regular, large, and overnight so you have plenty of options. They’re also free of chemicals and things like bleach so you don’t have to stress about what’s in them.

They’re meant to be super absorbent so there’s no sacrifice on organic vs efficacy for this brand either. That’s always a win. The company has also made sure their pads have maximum airflow so your lady bits won’t get sweaty while wearing them. If comfort and having organic pads are important to you then Rael is exactly the pad you need.

3. Always Maxi Overnight Pads

Always has earned a place on the list by just being the awesome brand they’ve always been. Their overnight pads are no exception to this rule. They offer maximum coverage and maximum protection. You can count on these pads for up to 10 hours even with a heavy flow.

Their design pulls fluids away from your skin in seconds meaning you stay comfortable and dry while you sleep. They aren’t ultra thin but sometimes having something you can feel gives you an extra feeling of security which isn’t always bad. They are unscented so sensitive skin shouldn’t be an issue with these pads either.

4. GladRags

GladRags are reusable pads that don’t skip on the comfort. They’re the most recommended brand of cloth reusable pads, and for good reason. They’re super soft and they don’t use any plastic at all in their products.

This means they’re extremely comfortable and they don’t chafe at all. If you’re used to chaffing from other menstrual products or plastic pads, this is going to be a life changing experience. GladRags come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies.

They can even be used for postpartum bleeding if you buy the right size. They’re also meant to last at least 5 years as long as you follow their usage instructions. They are a bit of an investment upfront but if you don’t have to replace them for 5 years, it’s well worth the price.

5. U By Kotex Ultra Thin Tween Wing Pads

So we can’t forget that not everyone has a heavy flow. If you’ve just started your period you may not need a heavy flow pad yet. In fact, those other pads might seem intimidating. That’s okay, there are pads out there for you too. This thin pad by Kotex is exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s meant for tweens (or those light days) which means they’ve though specifically about those who just started their period. They’re discreet and easy to get to the bathroom because they’re small. A shorter length and less coverage because you just might not need the same thing as someone who has been menstruating for a long time.

This tween pad is perfect for anyone who has just started their period and might not feel comfortable using the same pad as other women in their life yet.

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6. Sckoon Organic Cloth Pads

Maybe you’re looking for a cloth pad that has a few more choices than GladRags. That’s okay. This is all about what works for you. No one can tell you one choice is worse than another. Sckoon offers a waterproof option that is lined with a material similar to outright plastic.

It gives a lot of users some peace of mind that might not happen with other  brands. Sckoon also offers a well respected menstrual cup. You can buy both or just one or the other. Sometimes cloth pads make a great cup backup if you feel you need one.

They also come in a ton of fun prints which can be fun to choose from. Periods are not a fun thing so if you can put a little fun into the products you use, why not?

7. Lola

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to create your own box of pads this is your chance. Lola is a subscription based service that lets you be in control. You can pick how many regular or heavy flow pads you want in each box. Since it’s a subscription you’ll never be without the items you need either.

Lola also offers the same type of deal with their tampons. You can choose what works best for you so don’t feel locked into one or the other. Their pads are all cotton and promote airflow down there.

You won’t have to worry about a soggy mess because they’re meant to be really absorbent.  Oh, they’re also completely organic so there aren’t any ingredients you have to worry about here!

Some Final Words

Menstrual pads are meant to help not be frustrating. If a pad isn’t working for you, kick it to the curb and try something new. You have the chance to use this list to your advantage. Read the pros and cons and see what interests you. Give those pads a chance to really wow you.

Finding the best pad for you may take a little bit of time but once you do you’ll be thrilled. There’s nothing that makes your period more bearable than having products you trust!