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5 Ways To Beat Vagina Sweat In The Summer Heat

Let’s face it, we all know extreme heat in the summer means sweat in all the worst places, including our Vee’s. If not handled properly, it can easily lead to irritation or unwanted infections. Think about what happens when you spend all day in a wet swimsuit…
Spending the day in sweaty underwear is basically the same thing, but with even more bacteria added to the mix. To help you avoid any issues and stay clean, we’ve put together some pro fem care tips for you to follow this summer.
1. Wear cotton underwear
Cotton underwear is the most ideal for summer because it’s breathable, gentle and absorbent. Other materials like nylon, polyester or spandex only trap moisture and heat, which contribute to yeast and bacteria growth and cause infections.
Because we’re more prone to sweat in the summertime, we’re also more prone to odors. Cotton underwear helps to prevent odor because it absorbs excess moisture, leaving your vagina dry and free from bacteria that cause odor.
2. Wear loose-fitting clothing

In addition to wearing cotton underwear, wearing loose-fitting clothing is also a must to let your Vee breathe. Tight clothing traps in heat and moisture, which again, provides the perfect environment for yeast and bacteria to grow. Loose-fitting clothing reduces the risk of infections and odor as well, including regions other than your vagina.

3. Use a quality feminine wash and wipes
Having a quality feminine wash to use everyday can help to keep your Vee as clean as possible. You never know what might be hanging out around on your vulva after a long day – sweat, bacteria, sand, you name it…

If you need on-the-go care while participating in fun summer activities like going to the beach or having a pool day, pH balanced feminine wipes are a great way to keep you fresh and free of any excess bacteria, sweat or odor.

4. Drink lots of water
Staying hydrated in the heat is important for obvious reasons, but did you know it also benefits your vaginal health? Insufficient water intake can lead to vaginal dryness, pH imbalance and bacterial overgrowth. Drink up for the sake of your Vee’s ladies!
5. Take a vaginal probiotic
No matter how many precautions you take, sometimes issues with your Vee are inevitable. Your pH balance can easily be thrown off, especially when you have more sweat than normal, so having a vaginal probiotic in your daily routine is vital to maintain good vaginal health. This will help to keep a healthy balance of good bacteria so you’re not as prone to being thrown off balance and getting an infection.

Final Thoughts

Following these 5 tips will help to keep your Vee as healthy as possible in the summer heat. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, so keep remedies for infections on standby (like boric acid suppositories). If things start to go south and a problem arises you can tackle it right away and continue enjoying your summer the way you deserve to.