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5 Things You Shouldn’t Include In Your Vaginal Care

Have you ever wondered if something should be included in your vaginal care? You aren’t alone. This question comes up a lot. From cleaning douches to highly scented washes, everyone has wondered if it’s safe to use something on your vagina (or labia) at some point.

We put together a list of things that are definite no go’s when it comes to what to use to wash your vaginal area. Your vagina cleans itself pretty well and your labia is a highly sensitive area so it’s best to use the right products from the get go.

Here’s what you shouldn’t be including in your vaginal care.

1. Vaginal Care Faux Pas Number One: Douches

We keep saying it because it’s still true. You do not need to douche. And to be honest you should not use douches to clean your vagina. They don’t do anything but upset your vagina pH and that’s just going to cause harm.

Please do not use douches down there. You need to just let your vagina do its own thing. Your vagina knows what it’s doing so trust it. Douches just aren’t necessary.

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2. Vaginal Care Faux Pas Number Two: Scented Body Wash

Scented body wash is great. It smells awesome and it makes you feel like the queen you are. Just don’t use them to wash your labia. It can cause things like itching and even yeast infections. No one wants to deal with that.

In this case just stick with using the scented body washes for every other part of your body. When it comes to your vaginal care, use gentle soap and warm water.

3. Scented Toilet Paper

Actual scented toilet paper is pretty hard to come by these days. There was a point in time that it was pretty popular but that’s not the case now. However, many companies are using scented toilet paper tubes.

They may smell great but they’re still not a friend to your vagina. The paper closest to the scented tube can irritate the skin around your vagina and cause issues. It’s best to just get regular toilet paper and skip the scented tubes altogether.

4. Yoni Pearls

If we haven’t made our stance on yoni pearls clear, let us do it again. Please don’t put yoni pearls in your vagina. It’s hard to know what’s in them for sure since they aren’t available from the store where the ingredients are verified.

They also can scratch your vagina because of the encasement they use. Just skip the yoni pearls. Your vagina doesn’t need to be detoxed. It takes care of that all on its own.

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5. OTC Products Without Talking To Your Doctor

OTC products like Monistat are fine but you should make sure you’re checking with your doctor. There are a few exceptions to this. If you’ve had a yeast infection before and you know the symptoms are normal for you, go for it.

If the symptoms are new and you aren’t sure what’s going on, it’s time to give your doctor a call. You’ll want to make sure it’s actually a yeast infection and not something like bacterial vaginosis, which will require a different kind of treatment.

Final Thoughts On Vaginal Care Items

Caring for your body, including your vagina, is important. Just always make sure you’re using the best products possible.

Anything that can irritate your vagina or labia is a no go. You’re important and your self care should reflect that. Stay away from the items on this list and your vagina will thank you for it.