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5 Things You Should Never Put In Your Vagina

There’s a lot you can put in your vagina. Fun toys, yeast infection treatments, and anything your doctor has approved. But there’s also a lot of things you should never put in your vagina. Things that can cause harm, infections, or just aren’t a good idea. (Think stuck items and a trip to the ER.)

So what should you always avoid putting in your vagina? That’s a great question. Often you don’t hear about what shouldn’t go in there until after you’ve tried something. So let’s talk about it in advance. Here are five things you should never put in your vagina.

1. Food Should Never Be Put In Your Vagina. For Any Reason.

Things like yogurt placed on a tampon and inserted in your vagina should never happen. You also shouldn’t use food in your vagina as part of your sexual endeavors. Say it with us. Food doesn’t go in your vagina. Ever. It can and will cause a yeast infection that you’ll have to see your doctor to cure.

Often times a yeast infection caused by food can’t be treated with an OTC option. They just don’t work as well with this type of infection. Food causes infections that need professional help so keep that in mind. Do yourself a favor and never put food in your vagina for any reason.

2. Miracle Cures Should Never Go In Your Vagina

When we say “miracle cures” we’re talking about cures your doctor didn’t tell you about. The stuff you read about online that people swear helps. Please don’t put those in your vagina. If they really did work your doctor would tell you about them.

Your doctor isn’t trying to make you suffer by not telling you about things like douching with apple cider vinegar. Your vagina also doesn’t need a detox. So just skip the miracle cure realm of things to put in your vagina. They don’t work and they can even cause harm. Stay far far away.

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3. Household Items

You might laugh but gynos see this kind of thing all the time. People get curious about things like hairbrush handles, cucumbers, or anything that might have the right shape. Please refrain from putting these things in your vagina. If it gets stuck it makes for a very embarrassing trip to the ER or gynecologist.

If you do try something of the household item variety please don’t hesitate to go get help if it gets stuck, however. No one is going to laugh at you. Again, your doctor is going to want to help. It’s better to go in as quickly as possible instead of leaving it in and possibly letting an infection build up.

4. Anything Dirty

No, not that kind of “dirty.” We mean actually dirty items. If your sex toy isn’t clean, or your partner hasn’t washed their hands, don’t put it in your vagina. Don’t put it NEAR your vagina. Dirty things need to be cleaned before they go anywhere near that area.

Your vagina is self-cleaning and we trust you know that by now. But that doesn’t mean you want to throw a bunch of extra challenges at it. Just make sure you wash your sex toys and hands before touching anything down there. You’ll be happy you did this small extra step when you don’t have a yeast infection to deal with.

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5. Certain Lubes

Some lubes have ingredients that aren’t vagina friendly. Even if they’re advertised as a lube for sex you should still be discerning about what you put down there. Using lube is a great idea but you just have to be picky about the ingredients. Look at the list before you buy and definitely before you put it in your vagina.

You’ll want to avoid anything with glycerin in it. Glycerin is a byproduct of sugar and sugar down there can cause yeast infections among other problems. So no glycerin. You’ll also want to avoid something called nonoxynol-9. That’s a spermicide and it can weaken condoms causing them to break.

While we’re talking about what doesn’t work well with condoms, you’ll want to avoid using anything like baby oil or Vaseline. Petroleum is no friend to condoms either. So when it comes to lube, be picky, and get the good stuff. Avoid these ingredients and don’t put them in or near your vagina.

Final Thoughts

In general the best thing to do is not put anything questionable in your vagina. If you’re wondering if something is a bad idea, it probably is. If you really aren’t sure you can always ask your doctor. They’ll be able to give you guidance on how to do things safely and what really really shouldn’t go in there.