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5 Things That Are Normal During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a lot of things about your body. The obvious larger belly isn’t the only thing going on. Sometimes you might wonder if something happening is normal during pregnancy. Some symptoms might feel more concerning than others. That’s where this type of information comes in handy. Surprising things that are normal during pregnancy.

So what’s normal during pregnancy that you might not be expecting? We have five things to talk about that are entirely normal but not always discussed. Hopefully this can give you some great information and calm some fears too. Here are some completely normal things that change during pregnancy.

1. Your Feet Growing Is Normal During Pregnancy

Hormones are a crazy thing. Your bump is not the only thing that will grow during pregnancy. It’s also normal for breasts to grow larger and even your feet to get bigger. Some women will notice that their shoe size changes up to a full size larger.

The craziest part of this particular change is that it might not go back after you give birth. Some women notice that their pregnancy shoe size is just their new shoe size even after giving birth. It’s nothing to stress over but it can be a surprising change you aren’t expecting.

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2. Your Heart Getting Bigger Is Normal During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires your heart to work a lot harder. There’s an increase of blood volume to deal with and your heart has a lot more pumping to do. To accomodate these demands your heart increases in size while you’re pregnant. It’s not a change you can see but it’s still a completely normal part of pregnancy.

It’s surprising and even scary to some women when they hear about this change. Don’t let it scare you too much. Your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. Your heart getting bigger is part of pregnancy and your body knows exactly how to handle it.

3. Craving Non-Food Items Can Happen

Craving non-food items happens often enough to be considered a common issue during pregnancy. Referred to as Pica cravings, craving non-food items is usually related to low iron. You may notice you crave things like dirt or even ice. It’s not something that is so unusual your doctor is going to have grave concerns.

If you notice you’re craving non-food items make sure you do bring that up to your doctor. They’ll want to check your iron levels and help you make sure you’re avoiding eating things that aren’t food. Don’t give into the cravings no matter how bad they get. Your health is extremely important and non-food items can be very harmful.

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4. Your Voice May Change A Little

If you think your voice sounds a little deeper than usual, you aren’t imagining things. Hormones can cause your voice to drop a little while you’re pregnant. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong but it is another surprising change for a lot of women. Don’t worry, this change isn’t permanent.

Your voice will go back to normal after you give birth. As your hormones return to normal over your post partum period, your voice will go back to normal as well. The change in voice is usually so slight that only you might even notice in the first place.

5. Having A New Sense Of Smell Is Normal During Pregnancy

This is a change that can kick in pretty quickly after getting pregnant. Those pesky hormones really do a number on your body and it starts right away. If you’ve noticed you can smell something that’s 3 rooms away in your house, you aren’t going crazy. Your sense of smell really does change while you’re pregnant.

This can also cause some nausea for some women. Having a stronger sense of smell can make normal scents feel overwhelming and cause discomfort. If it’s becoming a huge issue for you and affecting how much you can eat, talk to your doctor for some tips on how to stay hydrated and healthy while dealing with this change.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a unique time in your life. The things we’ve talked about here today are all normal changes to have happen during pregnancy. However, never doubt yourself. If you feel like something is really wrong, talk to your doctor. They can help calm fears and do tests if needed. It’s okay to have questions during this process. You’re doing great, we promise.