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5 Safe Things You Can Do About Vaginal Odor

Let’s face it. Sometimes you do want to do something about your vaginal odor. While it’s entirely normal to not smell like flowers down there, it’s also ok to want to deal with the way you smell.

The important point is to do it safely. You want to use products and methods that aren’t going to cause yeast infections or other issues. Not every product marketed to you for vaginal odor is going to be your vagina’s friend.

Sometimes people just want to make money off of your insecurities. We want to make sure you get to keep your money for more exciting things.

Maybe even a new vibe, perhaps? So let’s take a look at safe things you can do to deal with vaginal odor.

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1. Use Gentle Washes For Vaginal Odor

Soaps like Ivory soap are ideal and warm water is best. However, if you want to use a vaginal wash make sure it’s gentle and not heavily scented. Those products are made to be a cash grab and they aren’t going to do you any favors. You may feel cleaner but the truth is you’re doing harm to your labia and vaginal area.

Stick with warm soap and water or a gentle wash and don’t fall for marketing ploys. Remember that the area down there is even more sensitive than your face. If you wouldn’t use a heavily scented wash on your face, it’s a safe bet that it’s not meant for your vagina either.

2. Some Vaginal Odor Wipes Are Okay

You may want to stay away from brands that you find in the store but certain vaginal wipes are okay to use. There are brands like OMV that may cause more harm than good but that’s okay. Just stay away from them. Look for properties that clean instead of focus on floral scents that won’t last anyhow.

Brands like Booty Wipes for Women are approved by gynos and despite the name, can be safely used on your external vaginal area. They’re individually packaged making them easy to toss in your overnight bag or purse and go. They’re also free of ingredients like parabens which are known to cause issues like itching and infections.

3. Change Your Underwear Often

This might sound like obvious advice but sometimes it needs to be said anyhow. Change your panties every day, or after you get sweaty. (That includes after having sex.) Don’t reuse panties that haven’t been washed yet.

If you’re running low because you haven’t done laundry yet, it’s better to wear the ugly granny panties than to reuse ones you think don’t look used or smell bad. It will make a difference both in your vaginal health and your vaginal odor.

4. Clean Up After The Gym

If you get sweaty your vaginal odor will get a little stronger too. So after you work out it’s time to give your vagina a little extra tlc. You can use safe vaginal wipes or just take a full shower. Either way you need to make sure that you clean up after you hit the gym. It will make you more comfortable and you’ll also smell a little better.

5. Wash Up After Sex

It’s kind of the same idea as cleaning up after hitting the gym. Add in all the other fluids that go into having sex and you have a very strong smell afterwards. This is another time some safe vaginal care wipes would be great to have. You can also have your man join you in the shower and get clean while having some fun.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re taking care of your vagina after getting down and dirty. It really does make a difference.

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Final Thoughts On Vaginal Odor

We talk a lot about what not to put in or near your vagina but there are things you can safely do to control vaginal odor. It’s just important to remember that vaginas are not supposed to smell like fruit or flowers. It’s okay that your vagina smells like a vagina.

Don’t feel ashamed of it. Take care of it like you take care of yourself and then get back to life. You don’t need to worry about vaginal odor any more than you worry about how much the rest of your body smells.