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5 Best Positions For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to put your sex life on hold. In fact, some pregnant women are more into sex now than they ever have been. Extra blood flowing means your clit has extra blood rushing to it as well. This means orgasms can be better and you might be a little more randy than usual. That’s okay! You just have to find the best positions for pregnant women.

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy you may need to adjust your sex position. If you’re in your 3rd trimester you are likely showing a lot by now. The baby bump can change not only how you look but your balance and how you have sex. That’s fine. We’ve put a list together to help you out. here are the five best positions for a pregnant woman.

1. While Pregnant, Try Positions With You On Top

Okay so with a baby bump, having sex with you underneath your partner probably doesn’t feel great. Depending on how big the bump is, it may also just not work. Give being on top a try. You’ll be able to control things a little more, and it takes the pressure (literally) off of you.

You might have to adjust your position on top as well. Normally you may bend your knees while on top and ride your partner like that. When you’re pregnant you may find that being on your knees while on top just doesn’t feel good. That’s okay. Try stretching your legs out in front of you. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting so you’re on your thighs instead of your knees.

Both options take weight off of your joints and put the weight in areas that may not be working as hard. Remember, you aren’t fat. You look amazing and your partner probably finds you super sexy right now. Just because your joints might be asking for a break doesn’t mean anything is wrong with how you look!

2. Try Positions With Him Behind You

Take your bump (mostly) out of the equation by putting your partner behind you. You can try bending over the bed or even the arm of a couch. Whatever feels comfortable and exciting is what will work best. This also gives your partner access to other areas of your body.

Him being behind you lets him explore areas that might not be as easy to get to if you’re in other positions. He will be able to easily reach your clit and your breasts from here. That means easy nipple and clitoral stimulation.

Pregnancy is a great time to explore finding your g-spot and stimulating your clit at the same time. If you already are familiar with where your g-spot is, pregnancy is a good time to explore just how sensitive that area can be.

3. Try Spooning

This is sort of a variation of having your partner behind you. In this case though, you both get to be in the bed together. There’s no need to bend over and you still get all the benefits of sex from behind. Easy access to your breasts and clit once again.

Have your partner lay behind you and hold you as if you’re both spooning. From that point just keep doing what feels good. Penetration might take a little practice in this position but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Practice is part of the fun, too.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. Just enjoy the other benefits of this position and try again when you’re both ready.

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4. Want Oral? Try… *Resting*

Oral sex can be just as fun as any other kind of sex. When you’re pregnant you may just have a little bit creative with oral sex too. Sometimes pregnancy doesn’t allow you to feel super comfortable laying flat on your back. Since this is usually the go-to position for oral sex that might make you think it’s not an option. That’s simply just not true. Oral sex is still an option and a great one! You just have to figure out what works.

When we say to try “resting” what we mean is try out oral sex in a resting position. Sit on the edge of the bed and have your partner kneel in front of you. Put some pillows around you and lean back slightly on those. This gives you a chance to relax and enjoy what your partner is doing. They’ll be able to start giving you oral while you are completely comfortable.

This position is going to be all about you, but that’s okay! You can make sure your partner enjoys some other activities later. This one can be for you and you alone. You’re growing an entire human right now. It’s okay to be a little selfish and let your partner pleasure you once in a while.

5. Reverse Cowgirl Can Be Great Too!

When you think about sex positions for pregnant women this is a classic. Another version of you on top that can take pressure off of your joints. It’s basically you on top facing the opposite direction of your partner. It gives you a chance to lean forward, which you already know can take the pressure off of your knees. This is a great option for giving you a chance to hit all the right spots too.

Lean forward slightly more than you might think you need to. Hold onto your partners legs to keep your balance. Your bump doesn’t have to pull you forward more than you want that way. Remember when we talked about how being on top could help find your g-spot? This position could help even more.

Since the g-spot is located in the front of your vagina where your pubic bone is, leaning forward really makes a difference. Figure out what feels good and then go to town. You’re going to really love this position!

Last Thoughts On Positions For Pregnant Women

If none of these work it’s okay to stick with other things you know you like. The point is you don’t have to stop having sex just because you’re pregnant. In fact, as you know by now, pregnant sex can be pretty amazing. Keep these positions for pregnant women in mind while testing things out. Forget about what you might be feeling about your body and just enjoy! You’re going to be so glad you did.