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5 Best Brands Of Period Underwear On The Market

Dealing with your period is never fun, but it can get easier. Period underwear is meant to help anyone who has a period feel just a tiny bit more comfortable. If you’ve ever dealt with a leak (we all have) then you know how messy things can get during your period. If you have period underwear you can avoid ruining your favorite panties in the future.

The question is, which brands are best? There are some options out there but we’ve got you covered. We’ve read the reviews and we’re here to help you figure out the best brand of period underwear for you. Keep reading and find out the pros and cons of the 5 best brands of period underwear you can buy right now.

Thinx Period Underwear

thinx purple period panties

Thinx is a well known brand of period panties, and for good reason. They have earned their solid reputation by creating a great product. If you need a lot of absorbency this is a great option for you.

They have recently increased their product line. Some of their newest panties can absorb up to 5 tampons worth of fluid before they need to be changed. This is great news for anyone with a a heavy flow!

Thinx also offers a wide variety of styles which is just another reason they’re so popular. If you like thongs you can find period thongs from Thinx. Just keep in mind that their thongs are meant for light flow days. Opt for something with more coverage if you’re going to need higher absorbency.

While Thinx is a great brand, and very well known there is at least one con to their brand. It’s on the more expensive side of period panties. That means the cost to order a good starter set is going to be considerable. Just remember you’re paying for quality and a great record of satisfied customers. Sometimes those costs are worth it to know you’ll have a great product.


knix black period panties

Knix has a whole line of awesome products including period panties. Their period panties are comfortable and can be worn for quite a long time. Their highest absorbency is 8 teaspoons of fluid which is quite a bit. 8 teaspoons of fluid is about the same as 2-3 super tampons.

Even more awesome, Knix has a panty designed specifically for sleeping. Any woman knows going to sleep with your period is always a gamble. You definitely worry about staining the sheets and your pajamas. Knix has you covered with their Dream Short Panties. Highly absorbent and with an extra long gusset, they’ll keep you covered all night.

Knix is another brand that has built a reputation and provides a high quality product. They even have matching bras for a lot of their period panty prints. If there are any cons to their brand it might be the price. Again they’re a little more spendy but for good reason. You’re likely to love them if you decide to invest.

Ruby Love Period Underwear

ruby love period panties

If you’re looking to get some period panties at a super great price this is the brand option for you. The start up cost is low for Ruby Love which is great for anyone on a budget.

You’ll also still have some fun options for colors and prints. They also have a HUGE range of sizes available. Their plus size Bliss Bikini goes up to a size 8x. This makes them the most size-inclusive brand out there.

Most of the panties they have available absorb up to 2.5 regular tampons worth of fluid. That does mean you may have to change a little more frequently than other brands. But, for the price and size inclusivity, it’s worth it.


Bambody black period panties

Bambody period underwear is another great low cost option. Some of their panties start as low as $10 per pair, and their site offers free shipping. They have a more limited range of sizes and styles but there’s still enough there to be fun. The absorbency for these panties is closer to 2 tampons which is lower than the other brands we’ve talked about.

These panties would be a great option for people who have lighter periods, or teens who have just started their period. They’re also great for anyone who is irregular and worried about leaks.

One thing they do offer that is different from other brands is their “leak proof” lines of underwear. The leak proof line doesn’t absorb any fluid but has a leak proof lining. You’ll need to wear other products like a tampon or pad, but the leak proof line means you don’t have to worry about ruining clothes while on your period.

Dear Kate Period Underwear

Dear kate blue period panties

If you love how absorbent the Thinx brand is you’ll love Dear Kate too. They’re just as absorbent as Thinx but they’ve ranked higher in comfort with many women. Who doesn’t want to be more comfortable when they have their period?

Dear Kate panties are also created by women for women so there’s some girl power involved too. They also have a line of absorbent yoga pants. Their “Go Commando Yoga Pants” can absorb up to 1.5 regular tampons worth of fluid. They would make a great option for a work out during your period. On a light flow day you wouldn’t even need to wear anything extra.

A Few Final Thoughts

Period panties can make your life while on your period just a little bit better. You have the option to wear them on their own or as a back up for some peace of mind. They also have a great benefit of being purposely made to get dirty. That means you don’t have to feel bad about staining them. It’s what they’re meant for.

Once you figure out what brand is best for you, stock up. Wear your period underwear with confidence. You’re going to feel great and that’s a win no matter what time of the month it is!