4 Best Sucking Vibrators You Can Buy In 2021

Did you know there are some vibrators you can buy that suck your clit to simulate oral sex? It’s true. Sucking vibrators are quite enjoyable for many women but sometimes it’s hard to know which one to buy. They aren’t cheap so knowing the best sucking vibrators out there is a good idea before you invest.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet to read about a huge variety of sucking vibrators. We’ve learned about the good and the bad (and the really good) so that you can be informed. So without further delay, here are the best 4 sucking vibrators you can buy right now.

1. Tracy’s Dog Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

No list of sucking vibes is going to be complete without mentioning this one. The company, Tracy’s Dog, suddenly went viral after a hilariously accurate review of their clitoral sucking vibe. The reviewer raved about how effective the vibe was and that was all the internet needed. Everyone had to have it.

After a brief and sudden disappearance from Amazon the toy is back and improved. This vibe is meant to suck your clit and provide internal g-spot stimulation at the same time. The upgrade gives the toy a remote so you can go through settings without having to interrupt anything you’re currently enjoying.

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2. The Womanizer Classic By Organic Loven

First off let’s start with how amazing the company that makes this toy is. It’s a Black owned business that truly cares about sexual health. They want you to have a good time in the best way possible. Their site is full of sexual health advice and a huge variety of toys. That brings us to The Womanizer.

The Womanizer is backed by it’s “perfected air pleasure technology” which has been perfected since it’s been on the market for about 7 years now. No need to worry about technology flaws with a best seller that’s been tried and praised for this long. It has several settings and gives you a chance to really focus on your clit. You definitely need to give this one a try.

3. The Lelo Sona Sucking Vibrators

The Lelo Sona line is great for beginners and those who already love sucking vibes alike. It’s less expensive than other options, coming in under $100. That makes it a more affordable option to test out especially if you’re new to this kind of vibrator. It’s even made it’s way to the best sellers list of several online toy sites.

The toy is rechargeable and made of silicon. Some users did suggest using a lube with it. If you’re going to do that remember to use a water based lube so you don’t degrade the silicon on the vibe itself. Lube seems to be a common suggestion for this type of vibe so make sure no matter what you go with you grab some before you get started.

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4. Girl’s Best Friend By Sweet Vibrations

Want a sucking vibrator with over 20 settings? How about if it’s rechargeable and waterproof? That’s what you’ve got here with Girl’s Best Friend. It’s called that for a reason. Some of the reviewers said they were able to squirt for the first time just by using this vibe. That’s a pretty magical power all on its own.

One reviewer said that the first setting alone was extremely powerful. She went on to describe a day full of fun solo play while she learned what her body was capable of. We fully support finding out what you’re able to do and enjoy so this particular sucking vibrator is a must have!

Final Thoughts On Sucking Vibrators

You can see by these suggestions that a sucking vibrator is a great idea. You should definitely have one of these in your bedside drawer. If you enjoy clitoral stimulation and feel you have your best orgasms that way, you just can’t skip over these babies. Give one a try and see how much time you want to spend testing out your new toy for the rest of the day!