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3 New Birth Control Options You Need To Know About

Being informed about your birth control options is a great way to take control of your own sex life. If you have your own birth control plans you don’t have to rely on anyone else to show up with condoms. You are entirely in control here. There are tons of birth control options out there but some are newer than others.

Right now there are some new options you and your doctor can talk about that you might not have heard about. We want to help make sure you know what is out there. That’s why we put this list of new birth control options together. Are you curious about what’s out there? Curiosity is great. Here are three new birth control options you need to know about.

1. Phexxi

phexxi birth control option

This one has been making the rounds on TV commercials all over. That doesn’t mean everyone really understands what it is though. Phexxi is a hormone free birth control option. It’s a gel you insert before having sex to prevent pregnancy.

So what should you know about Phexxi?

– First of all you should know it’s not an OTC vaginal gel like other options. It’s an FDA approved, prescription only vaginal gel. You will have to visit your doctor to get Phexxi just like any other birth control option.

– You shouldn’t use Phexxi if you get UTIs a lot or are prone to infections like BV. Phexxi is known to have side effects that include increasing your risk of these types of infections. Talk with your doctor about your concerns if you know you get BV or a UTI easily.

– Don’t insert Phexxi if you’re going to have oral sex with your partner first. It’s not something your partner will want in their mouth.

– As with most birth control options, Phexxi will not prevent STDs. You’ll need to use other precautions if you’re with someone new and need to prevent STDs in addition to preventing pregnancy.

– Each box of Phexxi comes with 12 single use, pre-filled applicators. If you have sex frequently this may not be the best option for you as you may have to refill Phexxi often.

2. Annovera

annovera birth control ring

You may or may not have heard about Annovera by now. It’s been out for a little while but it’s still considered a fairly new birth control option. Annovera is a vaginal ring that you only have to replace once a year. It’s a longer lasting version of the NuvaRing and some women love that.

So what should you know about Annovera?

– Even though you only have to replace it once a year, you still have to take it out every month. You’ll wear it for about 22 days and remove it for about 7. There’s an app from Annovera to help you track when to remove your ring and when to put it back in.

– Smokers over 35 aren’t a great fit for Annovera. Your risk for a blood clot is pretty high. Make sure you’re honest with your doctor about your smoking habits so they can help you make a good decision about the best option for you.

– You can have sex with the ring in. In fact, you definitely should have sex with the ring in. Your partner likely will not notice it much at all.

– It doesn’t prevent STDs or HIV transmission. If you are concerned about STD and HIV risks, use an additional barrier like condoms.

– It may cause side effects similar to the pill or other hormonal birth control options.

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3. Kyleena

This one is pretty cool. It’s the newest, smallest, and lowest hormone dose IUD out there. That’s exciting for a lot of reasons. If you’re sensitive to hormonal birth control you may still be able to handle Kyleena. It’s also smaller than its sister options like Mirena. Smaller can mean more comfortable for a lot of women.

So what should you know about Kyleena?

– Once inserted it can be left in your uterus for up to five years. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

– Some IUDs have a more wire-like threat you can check to make sure it’s in place. Kyleena has softer threads that may be more comfortable for some users.

– It’s over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy every year.

– It will have to be inserted by a doctor. Like any other IUD a doctor has to place Kyleena and the insertion can be painful. If you’re worried about this, talk with your doctor to make sure this is the best choice for you.

– You’ll still need a backup method of prevention for any STD worries.

Final Thoughts On New Birth Control Options

These options may give you something to talk with your doctor about. None of them are your standard birth control pill. They offer some additional flexibility which is great. Remember, you don’t have to change birth control just because something new is on the market though. If something is already working well for you don’t feel pressured to change.

Be honest with your doctor about any habits you have, like smoking. It’s truly important to your own safety that you are as honest as possible. Once you find a birth control option that works for you, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s going to make your sex life even more awesome.