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3 Best Positions For An Earth Shattering Orgasm

Sometimes finding the best position for an orgasm isn’t easy. Our bodies are a little finicky and figuring out what works can get frustrating. Even though sex should be fun it does often leave us with questions we don’t have answers for. Luckily figuring out the best positions for an orgasm doesn’t have to be one of those questions anymore.

At VeeBabes we want to be all about those answers and not about those questions. That’s why we researched positions until we figured out the best ones to have that great orgasm. With that in mind, here are the three best positions to have an earth shattering orgasm.

1. Best Positions For An Orgasm, Tip 1: You On Top

With you on top you have a great chance to explore what feels great to you. Move your hips in a circular motion until you find what feels best with him inside of you. It gives you a chance to stimulate your clit and your g-spot at the same time. Doing both of those things at once can lead to an orgasm like you’ve never felt before.

Have you ever heard other women talk about squirting? Usually that kind of orgasm comes from stimulating both your clit and your g-spot. With you on top, you’re in control of where his penis hits more than any other position. Use that to your advantage and feel the waves of pleasure wash over you as you figure it all out.

If you’re feeling shy about how you look, you can still use this position. Just turn things around and do a reverse cowgirl type of position instead. That way he’s looking at your back and your hair. You’re still on top, you’re still in control, but you don’t have to feel self-conscious. Everyone’s back looks great when it’s arched because they’re going crazy during an amazing orgasm.

Let go of that shy feeling and give this position a try. You’re probably going to find out it’s well worth the work of being on top. Just make sure you’re really going for it. Don’t hold back, this position is all about you and you deserve it!

2. Try Him On Top

Having him on top might sound basic but it doesn’t have to be boring. This is the position you can use to really get a great orgasm if you know what you’re doing. Just don’t default to him being on top all the time. And don’t go right to him on top without getting creative.

If he’s on top, play around with the position of your legs. Try putting your legs on his shoulders or bending your knees as far as you can. Put pillows under your hips or try putting one leg off of the edge of the bed. Anything you can do to change things up and help him hit that sweet spot is the right thing to do.

The great thing about having him on top is that it gives you a chance to explore in a way that feels safe for both of you. If you aren’t sure about trying new positions, him on top gives you a chance to play around while still using a familiar basic idea.

One other thing to keep in mind about him on top. He may have his hands on the bed or your shoulders to brace himself. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo having your clit stimulated. Use your own hands to explore your body and his body too. Stimulate your clit or play with your nipples. Many men have said watching their partner do this is a huge turn on.

The bottom line here (see what we did there?) is just to make sure this position doesn’t get boring. See what you can do to spice it up and you’ll be having that screaming O in no time.

3. Orgasm Positions 3: Put It All Behind You

Want a position that gives your partner a chance to explore your whole body? It’s an amazing feeling right? That’s why this last tip is to just let him be behind you. From “doggy style” to standing and using a wall for support, him behind you gives him a lot of… access.

Putting your partner behind you means he can easily reach your clit, your breasts, and even areas like your neck or hair. Just make sure you’re communicating with him about what you like. Remember that he won’t be able to see your face to judge reactions. This is your chance to be vocal. Do you like what he’s doing? Tell him.

Talking during sex is sexy too. You could use this time to really explore that side of yourself. If you don’t like talking there are always other ways to be vocal. Even just saying “yes” gives your partner some clues on what he’s doing and how much you’re liking it. Just don’t go completely silent and having him behind you will drive you (and him) wild.

Final Thoughts On The Best Positions For An Orgasm

As we’ve mentioned before, sex is supposed to be fun. The best sex positions for an orgasm should be fun to explore too. It’s not the exception to the rule. If one thing isn’t doing it for you, move on to something else. Don’t get frustrated, get inspired. Enjoy the experimenting and make sure your partner is loving it too.

You can totally have more than one go-to position. Just make sure you’re letting your partner know what works and you’re both on the same page. Then just sit back (or forward in some cases) and enjoy the ride.