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14 Myths About Your Vagina Debunked

Being a woman comes with a lot of unsolicited advice sometimes. This often results in a huge number of myths about your vagina. Everything from how to clean it, when to shave, and even old wives tales about ways to induce labor are all fair game. So what’s true and what isn’t when it comes to vagina myths? Let’s take a look at 14 common myths we can debunk right now.

1. Garlic For Yeast Infections

First off, please please PLEASE stop putting food in your vagina. That goes for garlic cloves too. There are a lot of pseudoscience blogs out there telling you this is a home remedy. It isn’t. Garlic won’t cure your yeast infection. Honestly putting anything in your vagina that wasn’t made to go there can make things worse.

2. Parsley Can Jump Start Your Period

There are rumors out there that parsley is an emmenagogue. That’s just a big word for saying it’s an agent that can induce periods. The thing is, there isn’t really any scientific evidence to support this myth. Parsley vaginal inserts can be particularly problematic because parsley isn’t meant to go in your vagina.

In short, if you’re worried about a late period, talk to your doctor. There are safe medical ways to manipulate your period if you’re having a troublesome cycle.

3. Yogurt Can Cure A Yeast Infection

A lot of these myths really do revolve around food and placing that food in your vagina. Again, this is a bad idea. Yogurt for yeast infections isn’t a proven method with any scientific backing. In fact, your gyno would love for you to never put yogurt in your vagina. 

Even plain yogurt has sugars that can make yeast infections worse. Use an OTC treatment like Monistat, or call your doctor for safe treatment options.

4. A Tampon Can Get Lost In Your Body

This just simply isn’t true. The vagina has sort of a cap at the end or top of it called the cervix. A tampon isn’t going to go past that. Just because your vagina is inside of you and connected to other body parts doesn’t mean a tampon can end up anywhere. If you get a tampon stuck in your vagina, it’s going to stay in your vagina.

If you do have a tampon stuck inside you don’t feel embarrassed. This happens sometimes and a quick trip to the gyno or an urgent care clinic is all it takes to get it out. It is likely just deeper in your vagina than you can reach with your fingers. It is not lost inside of you entirely.

5. Sex Makes Your Vagina “Loose”

No. Just no. The vagina is a muscle and no matter how much sex you have it’s not going to get “loose.” This myth was generated a very long time ago. It’s been used as a way to shame women for having a lot of sex. The truth is that you can have as much sex as you want. Your vagina is not going to get too loose and anyone who tries to shame you by saying so isn’t worth your time.

6. Eating Pineapple Can Make Your Vagina Taste Sweet

Although there’s really nothing that will harm you if you decide to try this one out, it also doesn’t have any solid evidence that it works. Reddit loves to speculate about all kinds of foods changing the taste of your vagina (or your partner’s semen) but it’s unlikely any food out there really changes the taste much at all.

7. Your Laptop Can Give You A Yeast Infection

Yes, the heat from your laptop can warm your skin and cause you to sweat. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get a yeast infection from your laptop though. You can safely put your laptop in your lap and work or watch Netflix. It’s not going to change your risk for a yeast infection even a little.

8. Animals Can Smell Your Period

Your period can change how you smell to your pet. That’s just science. Hormones and everything else going on can change your scent slightly. A lot of pets are sensitive to this and notice the change. However, that doesn’t mean they know why the change has happened. Animals also aren’t going to sniff you out if you have your period while camping.

9. Douching Can Cure BV

Douching is just not recommended at any time. It does much more harm than good. Your vagina is very capable of cleaning itself without douching. Don’t stress about small odor changes or small discharge fluctuations. This is a normal part of your menstrual cycle. It’s also just a normal part of having a vagina.

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10. Every Woman Should Orgasm From Vaginal Penetration

Not every woman will orgasm from vaginal sex. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you or your partner are doing anything wrong. Some women can orgasm from vaginal sex while others will need clitoral stimulation to climax. There is nothing wrong with you if you can’t orgasm from penetration alone.

11. Your Cherry Pops When You Lose Your Virginity

This phrase refers to your hymen. Sometimes the first time you have sex your hymen is still intact and can tear or stretch. Because the tearing can feel like a pop, and sometimes cause bleeding, it can be referred to as your cherry popping. The truth is your hymen can tear from any number of things. It’s not an indicator that someone is or is not a virgin.

12. Squirting And Peeing Are The Same Thing

This is entirely false. Squirting and peeing are two different things. The fluids might be similar but that’s where the similarities end. If you are having sex and end up squirting don’t worry. It usually just means you’re really enjoying things and had a great orgasm. You definitely are not peeing on your partner.

13. You Can’t Get Pregnant While You Have Your Period

A lot of people believe this is true but the fact is, you can get pregnant any time. There are times of the month where it may be easier to get pregnant. (Like during ovulation.) But, there is never a zero percent chance of pregnancy when you are having sex. Even if you have your period you can still get pregnant if the conditions are right.

14. The “Pull Out Method” Is Effective Birth Control

This is another case of remembering that no sex is 100 percent pregnancy proof. If your partner “pulls out” before ejaculating you can still get pregnant. There’s a chance that there’s already sperm in any fluid released before ejaculation.

There’s also a chance that he won’t pull out soon enough and you’ll be left completely unprotected. This is not a reliable way to prevent pregnancy.

Final Thoughts On Vagina Myths

Vagina myths will always be out there. It’s sometimes tempting to believe them because they sound credible. The best thing you can do is check with your doctor about anything you are thinking of trying. They can help you weed out the bad ideas from the good ideas. Don’t be shy to ask, they’ll be happy to help you figure it all out!