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10 Lies Social Media Is Telling You About Your Vagina

Social media is sometimes the worst rumor mill out there. It has sparked some seriously harmful rumors about things like celebrities and even your own health. There are lies all over social media. Most of the time they’re easy to spot but sometimes they’re a little more covert. Lies about your vagina are especially common on social media.

So what lies should you stop believing just because an influencer told you they’re true? We dug down deep and found some common social media lies about your vagina. We’re here to help you sort those out so you can have better vaginal health. Here are 10 lies social media is telling you about your vagina.

1. You Need To Detox Your Vagina

There are plenty of people on social media talking about how you should steam your vagina, use Yoni Pearls, or otherwise detox your vagina. This just simply isn’t true. Your vagina is self cleaning and doesn’t need to be detoxed. Things like steaming or pearls can actually cause infections.

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2. You Should Douche With Apple Cider Vinegar

We’ve covered the harms of douching a few times here before. Apple cider vinegar isn’t an exception to this rule. You shouldn’t be douching with anything. ACV might be good for some things, if you water it down in a bath, but douching is not ever a good idea. Ever.

 3. Melatonin Cancels Out Your Birth Control

Nope. It doesn’t. This has been a pretty popular myth on sites like TikTok lately but it’s just not true. Some of the videos even featured babies but that doesn’t make this rumor any more accurate. Melatonin is not going to cancel out your birth control. Only a few antibiotics do that. You’re safe to get some good zzz’s if you need the melatonin to help you out.

4. Magic Yeast Infection Cures

Yogurt, honey, douching… None of those things are going to cure yeast infections. If you have one you need to have actual treatments. That could be an OTC option like Monistat or something your doctor prescribes. Please don’t rely on social media to cure your yeast infection.

5. You Should “Outgrow” Using Pads

Nope. This is another thing that just isn’t true. You should use whatever menstrual products are most comfortable for you. If that means you are using pads then great. That’s what works for you so don’t change things up because someone told you you should be using something else by now. Having your period is not comfortable so just use what you like.

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6. Your Vagina Should Smell Better Than It Does

There are so many social media posts about improving the smell of your vagina. The truth is most smells are normal. If you notice a sudden change in the smell then there could be a problem. That’s something you should talk to your doctor about, though, not social media.

7. You Should Put Jade Eggs In Your Vagina

You shouldn’t put anything like a jade egg in your vagina. Kegels can be done without inserting things like that. There are also actual things you can use for kegels, like Ben Wa Balls. Jade eggs are porous and shouldn’t be inserted into your vagina at any point. They do far more harm than they could ever do good.

8. You Should Use Vaginal Melts To Change Your Vagina’s Taste

Your vagina’s taste shouldn’t be fruity. That’s just the truth. The vaginal melts popular on social media may not be harmful but it should be your choice to use them. If you don’t want to use them then don’t. No one should pressure you into using something you don’t want to use, including social media, or your partner.

9. Your Labia Should Look A Certain Way

There isn’t any set way labia should look. However yours looks is how it’s meant to look. Porn and social media may have popularized one way labia look but that doesn’t mean it’s the “right” way. Stop shaming yourself into feeling bad about how your vagina looks. It’s perfect the way it is.

10. Your Doctor Is Hiding The Truth From You

Your doctor has your best interests in mind. If you feel like they aren’t listening to you then seek advice from another doctor. The heart of most of these rumors is that social media is right because your doctor “doesn’t want you to know” about some miracle cure. That’s just simply untrue.

Remember that your doctor should be hearing what you’re saying. If they aren’t that’s a separate issue. But in general there isn’t a conspiracy going on where doctors want to hide miracle cures from you.

Final Thoughts On Lies About Your Vagina

If you ever see something on social media and wonder if it’s true, it’s best to do some research before blindly believing it. A lot of the things you find online about vaginal health just aren’t true. Get your info from doctors who have studied vaginal health. They really do just want you to stay healthy.